Looking at a sports field or a Golf Course aesthetically could tell how your Grounds Team are feeling mentally.

The past few years has been an absolute living nightmare for everyone but for one of the lowest paid industries that has been so important for everyone’s health and well being especially with the huge increase in participation in sport, it has been heart breaking for the Turf Industry from people leaving the industry completely to people even committing suicide at work.

The pressure of covid, floods, record rain falls, inflation and lack of staff the Turf Industry is really struggling from the Turf farms to the Playing fields we are all feeling the pain.

No one in our industry has been through this ever before but unfortunately if there’s the opportunity people will take advantage of situations like this when everyone is bleeding, they come in trying to sell a silver bullet.

People being made redundant from the turf industry during a time when no one can find staff is absolutely crazy but it is happening because some people are taking advantage of these crazy times.

The problem is when a staff member gets burnt by an employer or a company they usually think it’s the industry that has burnt them to the point they move onto something else that pays more money with less responsibilities and stress.

We constantly hear how a young person has had one bad experience so they decide their entire career on that experience making it harder to recruit new talent as they tell their friends and family about their bad experience.

After three years of hell the people left in the industry around the world deserve a medal and it’s up to the industry to try and recruit new people to join our great industry..

International Greenkeepers are doing everything they can to promote the industry through social media, expos and high school careers markets but we desperately need the clubs, employers, committees, members and residents to understand these times are not for ever.

If the local park or golf course looks unmaintained from a distance there is probably a very good reason. Maybe it’s the record rainfalls with fields that have no drainage or covid affecting the amount of staff that turn up to work each day.

I guarantee you no one in our industry wants to have their surfaces flooded or turned to mud so next time you see or play on a mess make sure you think twice before writing a complaint or posting something on social media that will cause the poor people trying to maintain that area even more heartbreak.

If you are a frustrated employer and are looking to find new staff or new ways to move forward, International Greenkeepers can put you in touch with one of our volunteers at no cost to give you a second opinion before making big decisions that can seriously affect peoples lives.

Thanks Daryl Davidson 

You can email us on internationalgreenkeepersfh@gmail.com 

Or check out our website 


Defining the Standards



Here is a great article written by Bradley Tennant from International Greenkeepers.


Defining the Standards


First of all, what do we mean by ‘standard’, a level of quality or attainment in short. But within horticulture and particularly in sports turf this standard can vary dramatically. The local Sunday league team aren’t expecting to play on Wembley standard pitches, whereas the elite athletes will be. It’s about finding that fine line, look at English football for example. The lower the division, typically means a lower ‘standard’ – however this isn’t always the case. Some clubs simply won’t have the money or facilities to produce world class pitches but others may. Take for example Sunderland and Bolton, very recently ex-premier league teams now playing in division 3-4 respectively. Facilities have remained the same, budges will have been cut yet. But will the expectations to produce world class facilities have stayed the same?


This is also becoming more prominent in golf. The ‘standard’ is almost set at tournament ready courses every day. For the world’s elite courses this may be achievable, but not every club is this fortunate. Now this raises more questions than answers, why would anyone play at the local club over the top clubs. They do, else other clubs wouldn’t exist. So there’s a lot more to the ‘standard’ than we see. This can range from course design, planting, green speeds, heights of cut all the way down to Tee times and everything in between. The most frustrating part is most end users will never see the commitment, dedication and time that goes into preparing our work, yet will still be quick to comment.


I always say this, as people in this industry we must stick together. The industry is self destructive enough without us having a dig at our own. Constructive criticism and negative feedback is fine, we need this to become the best we possibly can, but some of the comments I see often online don’t lend themselves favours. There’s a lot of variables which may lead to a person or club’s situation. Without all of the details we shouldn’t be making assumptions. As I’ve said before, this industry can vary massively from site to site. These differences can be seen even larger when you go international, with climate and weather becoming a major limiting factor or benefit!


So as turf managers, gardeners, volunteers, groundstaff, how can we define our own standards? First of all is to stop comparing ourselves to others, we all want Wembley, Lords, Wimbledon or Wentworth surfaces but let’s face it that just isn’t going to happen overnight. Now that’s not saying that these ‘standards’ aren’t achievable. They clearly are because we can see them in action. It takes time and careful planning.   A key part being research, know what other clubs and teams are doing around you. Go and check out the facilities and say hi. Heck you may even learn something from them. Every day is a learning day regardless of who you are.


Let’s talk pay


Now it’s no hidden secret that nobody joins this industry to become a millionaire but that shouldn’t mean we can’t feed our families or take a vacation should it? I’ve had this same statement repeated to me on several occasions, not just by young people or trainees but also by qualified, experienced members of the industry. ‘Why do I turn up to work in the cold rain, near minimum wage, work my ass off, sacrificing weekends for time in lieu, with benefits such as ‘free uniform and parking’. When I could get a job at a local supermarket for more money, paid overtime and unions to protect me?’. Unfortunately this has been the way for a fair few years. It’s really disappointing when you see the amount of passion and hard work that goes into creating these surfaces, it’s almost art like.


The lack of pay rises within the industry while increases on living and minimum wages, has led to the gap between the two becoming non-existent in most cases. Despite the yearly published recommendation of wages from the governing bodies and relevant associations. For me though, this is part of the problem. With the limited support from these organisations at ground level regarding wages, members don’t directly benefit. Staff may see these recommended wages but how do we get this information onto the bosses? They have the tools and power to kick-start a change within the industry. Now I’m not slating these companies because at the end of the day they are businesses and need to make money, pay staff and most are doing fantastic things to help the industry. Especially with the current surge in online education.  But more could be done -awareness isn’t working at the moment.


People power. I genuinely believe that  together we can help remove this stigma. How? By taking these published recommended wages to our employers, not demanding a pay rise but putting forward the information. Making people aware of the situation. Now this may go positively or negatively. With the usual outcome being the company’s salary limitations.  But this is where the problem has become much deeper, why has it been acceptable for these wages to be used. Even at high end sports clubs? Because somebody will always fill that position, a trainee looking to prove themselves, an experienced worker looking to step back, none skilled workers joining the industry or other staff within the organisation taking on the extra roles.


This all stems back to number crunching, business is business. Unfortunately sometimes it’s the same people who have power over the numbers that decide who gets what in return. Turf management isn’t a direct earner for a business. It’s typically green fees, sponsorship and winning competitions what keep these businesses going – but what’s forgotten is these businesses have a huge reliance on these turf surfaces to survive. Without grass a sports club is nothing, regardless of what people say. Unfortunately this is where the age old saying ‘anyone can cut grass’ comes into play. We know this couldn’t be more wrong. Education is key. Make people aware.


Now as I’ve mentioned before the industry is also very self destructive, harsh criticism typically on social media and an elite status to those who have made it to the top. Rightly so there’s a gap between those who have carried on education, gotten the experience and worked hard – but what’s learned is very rarely filtered back down into the industry. Just think how many volunteers we have in this industry. The industry is crying for help.







The standard line I see on most job adverts within the industry is ‘free parking and uniform’. Listed as a benefit! Totally unacceptable. I’d like to know how these people sleep at night, listing a near or minimum wage job, level 3 qualifications (min 2 years at college), work weekends with time in lieu with benefits like this? Other popular ones include %2 off gift cards, club shops or discounted gym memberships. Unbelievable, especially when some of these positions are working for employees that are paying players, managers and coaches thousands per week.




While you will see a lot of similar problems in other job roles around the world, nothing will be fixed if we don’t do anything. Unfortunately i’ve spoken with many who say ‘i just cut grass, it’ll never get better’ We have to unite on this. What can we do as a collective? We have power. Let us know, comment, message or email us at internationalgreenkeepers@gmail.com



Motion activated camera covertly watches over assets

A continuing high incidence of thefts, vandalism and trespassing continues to impact on farms, small businesses and households particularly in situations
of isolation or where buildings are remote.

The Selecta V60 Motion Activated Camera Surveillance System offers an inexpensive means to covertly monitor and record activities in indoor and outdoor areas.

An inexpensive self-contained and secure motion activated surveillance device that covertly monitors indoor and outdoor areas around the clock can provide
the valuable identification information that can lead to the apprehension of an offender, to record a vehicle used in a theft or removal of goods,
or even to identify a dog that may have attacked or killed valuable livestock.

Silvan Australia offers a comprehensive range of motion activated security cameras and support equipment in its Selecta range that is proving to be ideal
for securing farm gates, driveways and access points, fuel storages, all types of buildings, livestock, machinery, tool storages or the equipment that
is often left unsecured in a field.

The range begins with the Selecta V60 Motion Activated Camera that can record video or still images within 0.6 of a second once activity is detected. It
has a 12-megapixel camera and works day and night with its no glow night vision being undetectable to an intruder.

The Selecta V60 Motion Activated Camera can store up to 3,400 images which is often enough to provide valuable source data — such as an intruder’s
identity or vehicle information — for the Police to pursue. The activity is recorded to an 8GB SD card for viewing or it can be viewed direct
from the camera.

The camera operates using only eight long life AA batteries while the sturdy housing is IP 54 rated for permanent outdoor use. Also included is a
mounting strap designed to secure the V60 camera in an out-of-sight location, such as a tree or post or even within a building structure, as the camera
lens achieves a 60-degree field of view. An optional adjustable wall mounting bracket is available to provide a more permanent holding position.

Selecta spokesman Terry Trimby said that the Selecta V60 camera is a great start in the extensive Selecta range of asset protection equipment.

“For next level users, we can offer cameras that can Wi-Fi evidence over a mobile phone, or our CCTV systems provide live video monitoring to provide motion
alerts that can be reviewed on a smartphone. Optional multiple security camera options or indoor or outdoor wireless video systems are included
in the Selecta range that are ideal for the oversight or securing of display sites, dealership yards or retail premises.

“On an almost daily basis we hear about the losses and inconvenience that theft or vandalism creates together with the business disruption or time absorbed
in a clean-up, pursuing a claim together with the cost of replacement stock. The incidence of theft is now so prevalent that all farm property,
small businesses and especially those locations that are remote or unsupervised need to have a surveillance system installed.

“Comparing a motion activated camera surveillance system to the value of assets being protected will confirm it as an essential investment and a case of
business common sense,” Mr Trimby said.

Further information on the Selecta range of business and property surveillance systems and solutions for farm, retail, dealership or household protection
can be obtained from Selecta resellers nationally or by calling 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826) or by emailing info@silvanaust.com


STA Victoria to offer student sponsorship

Sports Turf Association Victoria (STA (Vic)) is happy to announce it has agreed to offer and partially fund a student sponsorship designed to encourage
students to move from Certificate III in Sports Turf Management – Apprenticeship into Diploma studies.

The sponsorship offered will comprise 50% of the total fee of the course up to $3,000.00. Successful candidates must enrol for their first year of Diploma
study within two years of completing their apprenticeship. The award payment will be provided to self-funded students on successful completion of First
Year, once a Statement of Results is received.

Students are permitted to nominate themselves. STA (Vic) will sponsor one student per annum and they will be chosen at the discretion of the STA (Vic)

This Diploma program has been developed for those currently working in the sports turf area who have completed a minimum of Certificate III in Sports Turf
Management. Typically students will have considerable experience in this industry along with a strong sense of work requirements and management expectations.

Specifically designed for professionals aiming to further their career, the program will develop ability to manage individuals in the workplace and/or
to develop or review management practices. Teaching includes assessment tasks that incorporate workplace projects which combine work and study, resulting
in skills and knowledge that are immediately transferable to the workplace.

The strength of the program lies in its flexibility and the content related to the sports turf area. When combined with workplace skills, this program
will provide the necessary skills and knowledge that will enable students to perform the function of an assistant manager or manager in turf-related
businesses or local council settings.

The STA (Vic) sponsorship application form is available here on the STA (Vic) website, and will also be published via Facebook and industry magazines.

To apply for the sponsorship, complete the Student Sponsorship Application and email it to vic@sportsturf.asn.au.
Please direct enquiries to Jan Fenton, STA (Vic) by phoning 0439 089 005.

National Sports Convention expands in 2017

To grow sports participation as an industry it needs to change not only the way we look at sport, but how we collaborate, plan, develop and deliver programs
to activate people, through a more innovative approach. This is the main focus of the National Sports Convention (NSC), a series of sport and recreation
management events to be held in Melbourne on 19-21 July 2017.

National Sports Convention expands in 2017

The National Sports Convention has expanded to three days to include a NSC Conference Program, Sport and Recreation Expo (two days), Australian Sport,
Recreation and Play Innovation Awards, National Football Conference, Industry Best Practice Tours and a Community Sport Think Tank. More events are
to be released soon.

This is all made possible with the industry support of collaborators and sponsors. Sponsors confirmed for 2017 include Polytan (Platinum), Grassman (Gold)
and FieldTurf (National Football Conference Sponsor).

“We feel very humble with the praise we received earlier this year and how the key peak bodies for community recreation and sport have embraced the National
Sports Convention and want to work with us to make this event Australia’s and New Zealand’s major focus that everyone should attend,” said Martin
Sheppard, Managing Director of Smart Connection Consultancy.

“With the support of VicHealth, the Australian Sports Commission, Sport New Zealand, Vicsport and our other collaborators we aim to bring together the
best in Australia and key people from around the globe to share stories and learnings so that we can really make a difference.” 

Hans Westerbeek, Professor of Sport Business at Victoria University — Australia’s leading sports university — said it was important that they
were a key partner in delivering Australia’s leading community sports conference.

“The importance of this conference goes beyond the standard industry gathering where professionals meet around listening to some high-profile keynote speakers
– the purpose of this conference is to engage in debate about the future of community sport, and its relation to the wider sport industry,” Mr Westerbeek

“Few conferences offer the wide range of topics and bring theory and best practice together in the way that the National Sports Convention does.”

Mark McAllion, Chief Executive Officer of Vicsport, added that the 2016 National Sports Convention highlighted the opportunity for even greater collaboration
between sport and local government to support sports clubs and programs to encourage more people to participate.

The organisers are presently seeking additional collaborations with peak bodies, to ensure that the program, expo and networking opportunities are valuable
to every delegate, presenter and exhibitor. Any collaborators who are interested should contact the organisers.

For more information on the National Sports Convention visit the website at www.nationalsportsconvention.com.au

Jacobsen dedicated to dealerships in SE Asia

Jacobsen recently hosted dealer training days at a brand new golf facility, Bukit Pandawa, in Bali where eight dealerships from around South East Asia
were provided full training on a range of machinery.

Josh Gagnuss, Product Support Manager for Jacobsen, providing training to dealers on the Eclipse 2 walking greens mower.

Products included the Jacobsen Truckster XD and SprayTek, the Eclipse greens mower and the LF570 fairway mower.

The three-day training event got underway with a welcome reception at the Meliá Bali Resort in Nusa Dua, followed by a full day of product training and
discussions. The event concluded with presentations from Jacobsen about communications, marketing and other support that is available for dealerships
in the region.

Managing Director for Jacobsen in the APAC region, Chuck Greif, commented on dealership training:

“This event is part of a global effort to provide our dealerships with an intimate knowledge and understanding of the Jacobsen product range. The technology
and engineering at Jacobsen is always advancing, so it is vital that we keep our dealer staff informed and up-to-date with this information.”

Don Ellsworth, Golf Course Superintendent at Bukwit Pandawa, was pleased to host the training days at the newly-opened golf course in Bali.

“It was an achievement for us to open the course and the clubhouse in time to be able to host Jacobsen. To have so many people attend the event was a joy
for us to see; a lot of hard work has gone into developing this new facility, and it was fantastic to see it come into its own,” Don said.

“It has been a good experience to host this event; Jacobsen is a renowned brand across the world, and we hope that the name Bukwit Pandawa will also become
a well-known and highly regarded facility within the golf industry. We are very proud to be associated with Jacobsen and we look forward to developing
our relationship further in the years to come.”

The dealer training days were attended by eight dealerships from South East Asia.

Grillo launches Series 10 4WD ride on mowers for steep gradients

There is plenty of evidence that property owners, contractors and land managers want a safe ride on Mower that is purpose designed for mowing on steeper
gradients or hill slopes.

The Grillo Series 10 All-Wheel Drive ride-on mowers are purpose-designed for safe, comfortable mowing on hill slopes. The two new models employ the Briggs & Stratton Intek series of four stroke engines with extensive safety, comfort and mowing widths of 93cm or 98cm.

Grillo, the leading European manufacturer of mowers and garden management equipment based in Italy, has now released in Australasia through its local distributor
Agrigarden their new Series 10 of All Wheel Drive climbing mowers. The new Grillo Series 10 is the next advance to their Series 7 and 9 ride-on
mower ranges which already have earned a reputation for their success in areas where most conventional ride-on mowers are not successful nor safe to

Released as two versions the new Grillo 10 Series offers four-wheel drive together with higher ground clearance, oscillating front axles, differential
locks and wider decks. The key benefits are a low centre of gravity together with smaller turn radius to offer the ability to mow in situations
where the difficult terrain makes the safety of the operator a key issue.

New features included in the Grillo Series 10 range include the operator comfort provided by the ergonomically designed Grammer seat that is mounted on
a suspended platform controlled by suspension struts and is standard on the larger of the two new models. A comfortable and secure seated position
is a key feature for a contractor or property owner who may need to spend long hours mowing, especially on sloping ground or to bring hill country
up to an acceptable presentation or standard to reduce growth for fire prevention reasons. The Grammer seat is also adjustable to match the weight
of the operator.

Another feature is added protection provided by foldable roll-over bars. The Grillo Series 10 is also supplied with twin LED headlights to suit operators
or contractors wanting to work safely for longer hours at dusk or similar times.

The Grillo Series 10 is offered in two model choices, both fitted with proven Briggs & Stratton Intek four stroke engines. The Grillo Climber 10.22
model is powered by the 22hp Intek 7220 Professional series engine with a hydrostatic four-wheel drive transmission and a cutting deck of 93cm (37
inches). The mowing deck has a well proven electromagnetic clutch with blade brake to ensure a long belt and uses long-life quick-change reversible
blades with a step-less cutting height adjustment.

Rear wheel parking brakes and a differential lock add to the stability while the 13-litre capacity fuel tank provides a long operating time between refills.

The Grillo 10.27 uses the 27hp Intek 8270 Commercial series engine which has the added feature of a cyclonic air filter that makes this model ideal for
mowing in dusty environments. It also offers a slightly wider mower deck of 98cms (39 inches) that is likely to make this version the ideal contractor
or land manager’s choice.

The two models have the common transmission, safety, comfort and tight turning radius features.

Grills, through its Australasian distributor Agrigarden, leads the hill gradient or slope mowing sector in Australia. With seven Climber series choices,
the new Grillo Series 10 models offer even more features for operator comfort and safety.

Full production information is available on request by emailing mariot@agrigarden.com.au or by contacting
Agrigarden on 1800 182 383.

Heavy duty aluminium loading ramps from Silvan

All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) are getting larger, heavier and come with more features for comfort, but they often require
to be moved around a farm, recreational or management property by loading on to a trailer, utility or vehicle tray.

Purpose-designed to load heavier ATV or UTV vehicles, the Selecta HD Folding Loading Ramps from Silvan Australia are specially designed for the weightier
mobile machines in use by farmers, recreational and public-area land managers. Rated at 625 kgs, the arched-design aluminium ramps fold for storage
with one end having a retention strip to secure the ramps to the vehicle being loaded.

Silvan Australia has just added a pair of heavy duty folding loading ramps that are specially designed to suit the heavier weight UTV vehicles in particular.

Sold as a pair of lightweight folding aluminium ramps, they weigh 11.9kgs each and measure 2.26 metres in length by 280 mm in width, making them easy to
store when folded.

Their curved design provides plenty of clearance and locks securely once the weight of the vehicle being loaded is applied. The ramps also have a long
lip on one end to safely attach the ramps to the vehicle or trailer being used.

The Selecta Heavy Duty Loading Ramps provide a safe and secure way to load or unload heavier ATV or UTV vehicles on to a trailer or vehicle tray.

For more information contact Selecta resellers nationally or call 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826) or email info@silvanaust.com for technical information.

​Lawns: As environmentally friendly as the solar panels on your roof, says Don Burke

Gone are the days of water-guzzling, polluting lawns — it’s time for Aussies to get back to their “grass roots” and love their lawns, says gardening
guru Don Burke.

The gardening expert is urging householders to cherish their lawns for the health of their family, pets, quality of life — and the environment.

Lawns provide an abundance of benefits — from societal and health to environmental. Not only do they prevent soil erosion and absorb rainwater to
improve drainage, they also provide an outdoor area for families to play and entertain, get kids away from their screens, reduce noise pollution, clean
the air, enhance the value of your property — and they can even lessen stress and improve blood pressure.

“A healthy, attractive, weed-free lawn creates a sense of pride and community, and encourages our kids to get off their devices and spend time outdoors,”
says Don. “And lawns are an environmental powerhouse.”

Scotts Australia has been a lawn care innovator for over a century and has just launched its Australian-developed Lawn Builder range of slow release liquid
fertilisers — a world first — to keep Australia’s lawns looking their best.

“Research has shown that only one in four households fertilise their lawns,” explains Don. “But with this true slow release fertiliser, Scotts has made
it easy to provide proper nutrition to keep lawns green and healthy – perfect for the family to play on. It feeds your lawn for a whole season, is
hosed on in just minutes — and it’s child and pet friendly, the only such product of its kind on the market. Plus, there’s no environment-polluting
waste of excess nutrients.

“With the use of Scotts lawn care products, your lawn can be lush and attractive, as environmentally friendly as the solar panels on your roof —
and very water-efficient too. Gone are the days of water-guzzling, polluting lawns.”

Benefits of lawns, and how to keep them in tip top condition

Lawns create community hubs

Lawn was an integral part of growing up for many of us, with the sound of a mower or scent of cut grass able to trigger childhood memories. Playing on
the lawn until Mum called us in for dinner not only created an active childhood, but also encouraged us to connect with our neighbours.

“A healthy lawn is the connective tissue that bonds neighbourhoods — physically and aesthetically — instilling a sense of collective pride
and enhancing feelings of community,” says Don. “Providing a green space for kids to play on encourages local children to interact more.”

Making it easy to create lush lawn is Scotts Lawn Builder hose-on liquids, which click on to your garden hose so you can switch between fertilising and
watering on the spot. Another great thing about this product is that it is pet and child friendly, which means they can get back to enjoying the yard
straight after it dries.

Swap screen time for green time

Screen time for young children is rising at an alarming rate, with paediatric specialists and researchers citing a dramatic increase in behavioural and
developmental issues. Getting our kids to swap screen time with green time has never been more important.

“Making your lawn attractive is an effective way to entice children away from their iPods, iPads, smartphones and tablets, and into the backyard where
they can be active, play with their pets, get their hands dirty, and do what kids need to do to grow up strong and healthy,” says Don.

Buffalo is probably the most popular lawn in Australia today and Scotts has developed a Lawn Builder liquid fertiliser specifically for this family favourite.
“Buffalo tends to lose colour quickly, especially in winter, and it can be slow to repair damaged spots,” explains Don. “Lawn Builder Buffalo helps
thicken your lawn to prevent weeds and fixes damaged spots now, making it stronger in future.”

Grass is healthy for the environment

Healthy lawns not only look great but also improve the quality of air we breathe in and around our home. Lawns help absorb and sequester carbon dioxide
gasses (more than trees!) and regulate soil ion, as grass binds soil more effectively than any other plant.

“I started using Scotts Lawn Builder over 20 years ago and still use it because of its slow release formula that does not pollute the ground or local waterways,”
says Don. “In fact, it sticks to the soil and delivers nutrients to the root zone where it’s needed the most, for up to three months — no other
liquid fertiliser can do that.”

Our humble lawn also helps dissipate heat, reducing summer temperatures that often dissuade us from heading outdoors during the day. A continuing source
of oxygen and cool air, they also prevent hot spots, or “heat Islands” as they are known, from developing around our home.

“With Scotts’ new, world-first, slow release liquid fertiliser, we can now create the perfect environment friendly, carbon sequestering green carpet,”
says Don.

The Scotts Lawn Builder range is the feed your lawn needs and it has everything homeowners need to build and maintain a better lawn. It comes in three
liquid variants depending on your needs:

  • Lawn Builder Extreme Green
  • Lawn Builder Buffalo
  • Lawn Builder + Organics

For more information on the Scotts Lawn Builder range visit the website at www.scottsaustralia.com.au

The Rover Lawn King – more durable, and superior steering performance

A freshly mown lawn signifies that you have taken pride in your garden, so it makes sense that you should take pride in your mower too — a mower
that will last longer, perform better and tackle the job more efficiently.

The Rover Lawn King - more durable, and superior steering performance

Rover presents their Lawn King Ride-On Mower 20/42, now more durable with an improved high-performance steering system.

Rover is known for making durable mowers, but the Lawn King takes durability one step further, with a new style chassis that is stronger and more resistant
to the elements. It is also covered by a confident five year chassis and front axle warranty.

The Lawn King’s tighter compact turning circles reduce cut time by lessening the amount of required line trimming — the rider can manoeuvre better
through tighter areas, and around common obstacles such as trees, fence posts and flower beds.

The mower is controlled by a foot operated hydrostatic transmission system and powered by a 20hp Kohler® 7000 Series V-Twin OHV Engine. Coupled with cruise
control and a high backseat, the Lawn King easily allows the user to comfortably cover grounds up to 8,000m 2.

With an easier-to-use 107cm (42”) side discharge Spring-Assisted cutting deck that applies force to the deck, the Lawn King is designed to tackle diverse
terrains whilst taking the weight and strain away so that the rider can adjust height more easily.

The Rover Lawn King is covered by a three year (unlimited hour) unit warranty, five year chassis and front axle warranty as well as a 90 day commercial
unit warranty. It also comes with plenty of optional extras such as a mulching kit, bumper and catcher.

The Rover Lawn King Ride-On Mower 20/42 is efficient, affordable, comfortable and durable — an essential piece of machinery that will stand the test
of time.

Available now Australia-wide. To find your nearest Rover dealer visit www.rover.com.au


  • Model No: 13APA1KS333
  • Engine: 20hp Kohler® 7000 Series V-Twin OHV Engine
  • Transmission: Foot-operated hydrostatic w/cruise control
  • Deck Width: 107cm (42”) side discharge cutting deck.
  • Front Tyres: 15.00 x 6.00
  • Rear Tyres: 20.00 x 8.00
  • PTO: Electric
  • Reverse Mowing: Standard
  • Deck Wash: Yes
  • Seat: High Back
  • Rear Tow Hitch: Standard
  • Mulching Kit: Optional (Sold Separately)
  • Bumper: Front Bumper Optional (Sold Separately)
  • Block Size: Blocks up to 8,000m2 (2 Acres)

ChemClear on its way to WA

ChemClear is heading to Western Australia in June 2016 and is urging chemical users to register their surplus or unwanted agvet chemicals for safe disposal
before 22 April 2016.

ChemClear on its way to WA

“We encourage WA farmers to seize the opportunity to use our program this year as it will be another two years before we head back across the Nullarbor,”
said National Program Manager Lisa Nixon.

Since the program was established 16 years ago, ChemClear has undertaken five regional collection runs across Western Australia and retrieved in excess
of 61 tonnes of obsolete agvet chemicals.

The program uses local council sites to collect from waste holders who have registered their chemicals for retrieval. The collection process is quick and
easy, and waste holders are given an appointment time to meet the ChemClear retrieval team to drop off their registered chemicals for safe disposal.

“Our program operates like a milk run and visits every local government region that we have received a registration in, even if there is only one or a
handful of waste holders in that area,” said Ms Nixon.

“We are required to obtain licences for the transportation and removal of hazardous waste, therefore each waste holder must take an inventory of their
obsolete chemicals before registering for the program.”

WA Farmers Chief Executive Officer Stephen Brown believes ChemClear is critical for maintaining a safe working environment for farmers.

“Our organisation is committed to ensuring farmers are provided with safe working environments and we’re proud to support the ChemClear initiative which
works towards this goal,” he said.

“Unused chemicals on rural properties can pose occupational safety and health risks for farmers, so we encourage all our members to work sustainably and
dispose of obsolete chemicals through this environmentally safe method.”

ChemClear collects APVMA currently registered chemicals produced by 121 manufacturers supporting the Industry Waste Reduction Scheme. Chemicals classified
as Group 1 are collected free of charge.

As an additional service, ChemClear collects what is classified as Group 2 chemicals. This category covers deregistered, out-of-date, mixed, unlabelled
or unknown agvet chemicals produced by a manufacturer not signed to the ChemClear stewardship program.

There is a cost for disposal of Group 2 chemicals which is quoted to the waste holder once their registration has been processed.

To register for the WA June collection, please take an inventory of your product and call 1800 008 182 or visit www.chemclear.com.au

It is recommended that waste holders do this as soon as possible as registrations close on 22 April 2016.

Australian dealers recognised at Jacobsen Awards in San Diego

Australian Jacobsen dealers and staff were recognised for their excellence at Jacobsen’s 2016 Awards Ceremony during the Golf Industry Show in San Diego

Ransomes Jacobsen’s Customer Care Director Jason King (left) presents the APAC Customer Care Award to Tim Coram of ADE Turf Equipment

Ransomes Jacobsen’s Customer Care Director Jason King (left) presents the APAC Customer Care Award to Tim Coram of ADE Turf Equipment

ADE Turf Equipment Pty Ltd, based at Chelsea Heights in Victoria, was presented with the APAC Customer Care Dealer of the Year award by Ransomes Jacobsen’s
Customer Care Director Jason King.

Handing over the award to Tim Coram, he said ADE has demonstrated the importance of working closely with their customers.

“They embrace new technology and provide clear and concise information to the manufacturing facilities in the USA and UK via the Customer Feedback process.
Recognising the importance of training, they not only invest in their own technicians’ development through factory training, they also provide training
for their customers. In an environment where staff retention is challenging, ADE provides their technicians with a structured career path to reward
loyalty and advancement within the company.”

McIntosh and Son, Jacobsen’s dealer for Western Australia, were also recognised and will receive a framed certificate in appreciation of 25 years loyal
service to the Jacobsen brand.

Ray Grech (centre) flanked by Jacobsen President David Withers and Customer Care Director Jason King

Ray Grech (centre) flanked by Jacobsen President David Withers and Customer Care Director Jason King

The APAC Outstanding Service award was presented to Jacobsen’s Product Support Manager Ray Grech for his dedication to the APAC dealers in SE Asia, Australasia
and Pacific Islands.

Congratulating Ray before presenting him with his award, Jason King said he first met Ray around nine years ago when he was working for a distributor.

“Recognised as the industry expert and ‘go to guy’ for golf course technicians, he joined Jacobsen in 2010 from the outgoing dealer.

“Today he continues to support his territory and remains a well-respected industry expert and member of our APAC team primarily looking after Australia
and New Zealand for technical support. He thoroughly deserves this recognition.”

Mike Foskett (centre) flanked by Jacobsen President David Withers and APAC Managing Director Chuck Greif

Mike Foskett (centre) flanked by Jacobsen President David Withers and APAC Managing Director Chuck Greif

The final award went to Jacobsen’s Mike Foskett. He was presented with the APAC Regional Sales Manager of the Year award by Jacobsen’s APAC Managing Director,
Chuck Greif.

“Mike is the consummate groundscare professional and previously worked for our dealer in Western Australia before joining Jacobsen in June 2013,” said

“He has been associated with the golf industry for over 20 years and in the past two and half years has done a superb job growing our brand in Australia,
New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.”

Celebrating 365 years of making gardening enjoyable

Gardeners attest that a great pair of hand pruners makes a big difference to their day spent in the garden.

Celebrating 365 years of making gardening enjoyable

Introducing the Special Edition Fiskars 365 Titanium Pruners — a big thank you to their customers and to celebrate their 365th anniversary. Through
their patented Powergear technology, these hand pruners are the perfect example of reducing tension, giving the user more torque, and providing three
times more cutting power than traditional pruners.

The strength and precision of titanium blades make cleaner cuts every time, which is important in preventing damage to plants and leaving them vulnerable
to disease. And the pruner’s ergonomic design is comfortable, feeling almost like an extension of your own hand.

Fiskars, Finland’s oldest company, has secured itself as a global leader by constantly improving their consumer experience in Garden, Kitchen and Craft.
For 365 years Fiskars have been creating best-in-class durable and lightweight tools through advanced engineering, and a heavy focus on ergonomics
— making long days in the garden more fulfilling and pleasurable for the end-user.

Don’t miss your opportunity to own a part of Fiskars’ history with the Special Edition 365 Titanium Pruners. Discover the entire range of Fiskars garden
tools or find your nearest stockist at fiskars.com.au

Hilti cleans up at Kennards Hire Supplier Awards night

On February 10 Kennards Hire held their 2015 Supplier Award Night. This special occasion was held at the Kennards Hire Artarmon NSW branch which was turned
into a fine dining restaurant especially for the occasion.

(L to R): Angus Kennard (Kennards Hire), Peter Jones (Hilti), Liz Ward (Kennards Hire), Jan Pacas (Hilti), Ben OHara (Hilti)

(L to R): Angus Kennard (Kennards Hire), Peter Jones (Hilti), Liz Ward (Kennards Hire), Jan Pacas (Hilti), Ben OHara (Hilti)

The event was a way for the entire Kennards Hire team to say thanks and reward their suppliers for the hard work and commitment they have shown throughout
the year.

130 suppliers were in attendance, many travelling across Australia for the event. Also in attendance were key members of the Kennards Hire family including
Angus Kennard, Rory Kennard, Cam Kennard, and Andy Kennard.

Over the course of the night, Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards were presented to the highest rated suppliers based on a survey that was completed by Kennards
Hire staff from over 150 branches across Australia and New Zealand. There were six different categories of awards, four of which align with Kennards
Hire’s core values: ‘Fair Dinkum’, ‘Every Customer A Raving Fan’, ‘Taking Hire Higher’, and ‘One Family’. There were two other awards for Customer
Service and Supplier Of The Year.

Although there were many winners on the night, two suppliers stood out above the rest. Trade tool and equipment company, Hilti won five awards on the night,
including the Supplier of The Year. N&D Mechanical also took out three awards, including the Gold Medal in the ‘Every Customer A Raving Fan’ category.

Recently appointed CEO of Kennards Hire, Liz Ward couldn’t have been happier with the night and the recipients of the evening’s awards.

“We owe a great deal of gratitude to every single person who attended the event”, said Liz.

“Kennards Hire wouldn’t be the successful brand that it is today, without the support and loyalty of all of our suppliers, some of which Kennards Hire
have been partnering with for up to fifty years.”

Award Winners

Fair Dinkum

  1. JLG
  2. N&D Mechanical
  3. Hilti

Every Customer a Raving Fan

  1. N & D Mechanical
  2. JLG
  3. Cable Winches Australia

Taking Hire Higher

  1. Makinex
  2. Hilti
  3. Specialised Force

One Family

  1. Hilti
  2. N&D Mechanical
  3. Makinex

Customer Service Award – Nominees

  1. Ben – Hilti
  2. Bob – Bobcat
  3. Bruce – Aust Hammer Supplies
  4. Daniel – Hino
  5. David – Hiretech

Customer Service Award Winner

  • Daniel Stevens – Ad Trans Hino

Supplier of the Year 2015

  • Hilti

Worldwide guests visit Golf Industry Show in San Diego

Over 80 Ransomes Jacobsen guests and staff from Europe, the Asia-Pacific territory and South America attended the Golf Industry Show in San Diego recently.

Ransomes Jacobsen guest and staff members who attended the GIS Show in San Diego

Ransomes Jacobsen guest and staff members who attended the GIS Show in San Diego

Following long flights from all parts of the globe, the first full day in California featured a golf competition at Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Resort, where
23 teams from across the Ransomes Jacobsen territory competed in a Texas Scramble. Once again the winners came from Scandinavia as the Swedish group
of Ivan Vasilev, Mattias Jockert, Andreas Jonsson and Steven Balfour won the fun event. After returning to the hotel, the majority of the group assembled
at the fourth floor Pool Bar to watch the Super Bowl.

The Swedish winning team in the golf competition

The Swedish winning team in the golf competition

The next day, it was a return visit to Rancho Bernardo for a Product Demonstration event, bolstered by additional guests from Spain and Russia. For this,
the 105 guests were split into four groups and rotated between stations that featured the Jacobsen Spraytek, the new Jacobsen HR700 batwing rotary,
the Jacobsen Truckster — with an opportunity to test it against the competition, and finally a tour of the Rancho Bernardo maintenance facility.

The Product Demonstration event at Rancho Bernardo Municipal

The Product Demonstration event at Rancho Bernardo Municipal

Day three involved another early start as the group boarded coaches and were transported to the Coronado Municipal Golf Course for a combined Smithco/Turfco
demonstration event. Following breakfast in the clubhouse, both companies gave presentations on their new products and presented various staff and
dealer awards. This was followed by product demonstrations on the club’s driving range.

During the afternoon two Ransomes Jacobsen guests, Darren Baldwin — Head of Playing Surfaces and Estates at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, and
Chris Haspell — Course Manager at Castle Stuart Golf Links, provided fascinating back-to-back presentations on the construction and maintenance
of their diverse workplaces.

In the evening, the group plus other invited guests headed over to the Wavehouse Beach Club in Mission Beach for the Jacobsen Hospitality event, where
over 900 people were kept entertained by professional surfers in a man-made surf pool which created a variety of giant waves for them to demonstrate
their board skills.

The Jacobsen Customer event at The Warehouse on Mission Beach

The Jacobsen Customer event at The Warehouse on Mission Beach

Day four was Show Day, with the Jacobsen booth at the impressive San Diego Convention Centre a major attraction for the guests. The impressive display
of Jacobsen equipment included the new range of Jacobsen aerators, signifying the company’s return to this sector with three all-new tractor mounted
machines. Also on display was the new Jacobsen HR700 wide area rotary including the introduction of the world’s first 14 foot derivative, providing
the highest productivity from this class of mower.

A group of customers with Ransomes Jacobsen staff Bruce Alexander and Will Carr on the Jacobsen booth

A group of customers with Ransomes Jacobsen staff Bruce Alexander and Will Carr on the Jacobsen booth

The final day allowed the group a further visit to the show or the opportunity to relax or go shopping for souvenirs, before boarding the coaches late
afternoon for San Diego airport and the long flight home.

Commenting on the return flight Graham Brumpton, Course Manager at Ipswich Golf Club said it was a brilliant experience from start to finish.

“I didn’t really know what to expect as this was my first time as a guest of Ransomes Jacobsen to the Golf Industry Show. However, we were looked after
so well from start to finish and the hospitality was out of this world. The Jacobsen stand was very impressive and the overall show is huge, with so
much to see.

“We were able to network with other turf professionals from across the world and get to know a lot of the Jacobsen staff we don’t normally come into contact
with. It was a wonderful and intense six days, which included two 11 hour flights, but so worthwhile. I was delighted to be a guest on the trip.”

Andrew McKenna, Director of Golf at Silver Lakes Golf Estate in South Africa added it was one of the most exhausting and fun trips he had ever been

“I would like to thank the Ransomes Jacobsen team for inviting me to the GIS in San Diego. It was extremely valuable and the networks of people that you
and the company have given to me and the African Turf Academy project is immeasurable in its value.

“Having the opportunity to connect with the leading course superintendents, manufacturers and users made the whole trip wonderful and hugely beneficial.
Spending time with everyone proved what a fantastic culture there is in the Ransomes Jacobsen Ipswich team and it certainly breeds a feeling of a customer-for-life
philosophy in a very natural way,” Andrew concluded.

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