​Jacobsen launches GA600 Aerator at BTME

Jacobsen, the renowned manufacturer of turf maintenance equipment, has introduced the highly anticipated GA600 aerator at this year’s BIGGA Turf Management
Exhibition (BTME) in Harrogate, UK. The GA600 aerator is a truly versatile unit and is the first in a range of brand-new aeration equipment from

The GA600 aerator is the first in a range of brand new aeration equipment from Jacobsen.

The deep tine aerator can work up to 3.4 km/h at a working depth of 30cm and a width of 1.8m. If used with the available AerStrike™ 4 Tine attachment
system, productivity is further enhanced, allowing deep and conventional aeration in a single pass. Unique spacing on the AerStrike™ system creates
tight 7.5cm patterns and eliminates the need for a turf guard.

The patented PerfectStrike™ tine arm motion provides perfect entry and exit of tines, achieving a truly straight hole. The geometry of the crankshaft
and the tine arms allow for vertical entry of the tines into the ground. Coupled with cluster tine heads keeping tines at a distance to reduce tearing
of the turf, the GA600 produces unrivalled hole quality. The truly versatile unit makes it perfect for use on greens, fairways and sports fields.

Lee Kristensen, Product Manager at Jacobsen said they were delighted to have introduced the first unit in the new line of aeration equipment at BTME.

“A lot of research and development has gone into creating the GA600, and this is evident in the unique feature of being able to achieve deep and shallow
tine aeration in one pass. We are confident that the new aeration range will be well received by the industry.”

The cluster tine heads keep tines at a distance to reduce tearing of the turf, and allow deep and shallow aeration to be achieved in one pass.

The new aeration line has been designed to improve hole quality, boost productivity and enhance aeration performance over undulated surfaces; the short
roller to tine distance ensures superior contour following. The GA600 allows turfgrass professionals to do the job once, and to do it correctly when
time is of the essence.

More information can be found at Jacobsen’s website


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