Coremaster makes ‘Xtreme’ return to market

Coremaster, the company that has been at the forefront of the turf aeration industry for more than thirty years ago with the Coremaster 12, is now back
in the market after seven years in development with its next generation of machines, named the “XTREME”.

It is is expected the Xtreme will emulate the success of the 12 which has sold over 10,000 units in the past to some of the world’s most exclusive golf
courses, as well as to the White House, Wimbledon Tennis Club and Buckingham Palace.

The Xtreme will be setting new performance standards for aeration. These machines are not only one of the fastest and deepest aerators in the world but
they are, as one customer said, “sexy”. From their carbon fibre belts to the high grade aluminium parts, these are built to last and designed to be
worked hard over fairways and greens — in fact, any turf surface.

Coremaster makes 'Xtreme' return to market

Managing Director Andrew Moss says that after the monumental success with the Coremaster 12 and Coremaster 6, a company like Coremaster must continue to
be at the forefront of innovation and better manufacturing practices.

“To build a range of machines like the new Xtremes involved many years of painstaking trials and testing of all the new materials and new parts. We need
to ensure that we make the best machines in the world, and by the response of the market to our new range we have succeeded.

“We will still manufacture the original Coremaster 12, and continue to build and rejuvenate a truly global brand that has endured for over a quarter of
a century,” Andrew said.

Coremaster has established a strong manufacturing base in Thailand that not only builds machinery on a cost-competitive basis, but allows for an operation
close to all of the major Asian countries and direct and fast shipping to the USA, EU and Australia.

The renewal of manufacturing has also ensured the continual supply of spare parts which is a very important part of the business, especially with all of
the older models still in service around the world.

The Coremaster range of machines are available through Proturf Machinery in Sydney and as Director John Purtell says, he is “over the moon” to be the agent
for Coremaster as he has had a 25 year relationship with the company.

John can be contacted with questions regarding the Coremaster range by emailing or telephoning 0418 264 290.

It is great to see an Australian company with such a long history of innovation and success back in business after the death of their founder.

Coremaster makes 'Xtreme' return to market

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