Cut everyone’s grass with the WORX Eco Mower

Until now, concerns about the run-time and performance of battery-powered lawn mowers may have discouraged users from turning to this greener and cleaner

The WORX WG789E is an eco-friendly mower that will entice even the biggest petrol heads to convert to the greener side of life.

With the large 46cm cutting deck and a high capacity, super-charged 36V Powertank battery, the WG789E boasts a huge cutting range of up to 1,200m2 on a
single charge. Coupled with the impressive 55L capacity grass bag, you’ll spend more time mowing and less time emptying grass clippings, meaning the
job gets down quicker and you can marvel at the freshly mown masterpiece while the sun’s still in the sky.

The WORX WG789E eco-mower comes with cutting-edge, Power On Demand™ smart technology
function. This provides the mower with a power boost in areas where the grass is tall and thick, so it won’t let you down when you need it most.

The WG789E also features the Pacesetter™ function which is an electronic drive system
that self-propels the mower and automatically sets the speed of the mower based on the operator’s walking pace, taking the strain out of mowing. So
you no longer need to need to worry about drowning in sweat.

The mowers in the WORX Eco range are one of the the quietest on the planet and the WG789E is equipped with Mute™ technology which reduces noise emissions
to a whisper with a decibel reading of around 96dB. This allows the user to mow easily without disturbing late risers on the weekend.

Additionally, the three-in-one cutting system gives the user the option to mulch, catch or discharge grass clippings effortlessly. The Eco Mower also starts
with a simple push of a button eliminating the hassles of pull-start mowers.

The WorxEco™ PowerTank battery has been designed to easily lift out of the mower so it can be charged with ease, when and where you like. The eco
battery charging system has been designed to automatically disconnect itself from mains power once the battery is fully charged – keeping the users
energy bill to a minimum.

The WorxEco™ WG789E rescues you from your noisy, high-maintenance gasoline mower, without sacrificing power or mowing capacity.

For further information on the WORX range or to find your local stockist; log onto the WORX website or
contact WORX directly on 1300 889 028.

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