First time turfstripping before World Cup Brazil

The World Cup matches in the 12 stadiums will be played on Rye grass, which does not stand the Brazilian tropical conditions very well.

The new Corinthians stadium of Sao Paulo already contains Rye grass which is being cooled down from underneath through pipes. The other 11 stadiums currently
contain Bermuda grass.

The Bermuda grass is dorment in the Brazilian winter months of June and July when the World Cup is being played. From April 2014 onwards, these fields
will be verticut or fraised down to the roots. This will then be followed by heavy overseeding up to the start of the World Cup on June 12, 2014. Also,
several training fields will require fraise mowing in order to clean them from weed and bad grasses.

Last week, Redexim’s Turfstripper was used with great success for the very first turf fraise mowing job ever to take place in Brazil, in the Santo André
stadium in Sao Paulo. This stadium will be used as a training ground during the World Cup.

Pelé scored his first professional goal ever at Santos Futebol Clube in the Santo André Stadium.

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