Garden debris done and dusted… at 208kph!

Leaves and debris have forever plagued us with their unwelcomed outdoor mess — we tiredly sweep them away to find them returning soon thereafter.
Thankfully, Rover has just released the Rover Jet, a blower designed to help you win the war against garden debris once and for all!

Garden debris done and dusted... at 208kph!

Rover’s Jet Blower is equipped to assist in quicker yard clean ups with minimal effort required. This high-airflow leaf blowerpushes an incredible volume
of 650 cubic feet of air through the end of the nozzle every minute at speeds of up to 208 km/h thanks to its durable 2-stroke 27cc engine.

The innovative mixed-flow fan works by pulling in and pressurising a high volume of air, and then releasing a powerful 650 CFM to deliver superior control
over leaves and debris. The tapered nozzle allows you to continue to focus on a particular area and increase airspeed, all the while maintaining volume.
The Jet Blower also incorporates a diffuser to increase air speed and perpetuate the pressure of high air volume.

The Rover Jet Blower is also Battery Starter compatible, giving you effortless starting to save you time and energy (Power Start Battery Starter sold separately).


  • Model Number41AS2MEB333
  • Engine27cc, 2-stroke engine for greater durability
  • StartingPrime, Flip & Go with PowerStart™ capability
  • Airflow Volume650 CFM
  • Speed Settings Variable
  • Handle Comfort grip handle
  • AccessoriesRover Power Start Battery Starter – Available to purchase separately
  • Warranty2 Year Engine & Unit Domestic. 90 Day Unit Commercial

Find out more about the Rover Jet Blower at

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381 total views, 1 today

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