Generators provide vital power and peace of mind in outages

With many areas of Australia in the ‘storm season’, power outages can occur, leading to inconvenient, costly and potentially dangerous conditions around
the home, according to small engine manufacturer, Briggs & Stratton.

Generators provide vital power and peace of mind in outages

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Power outages are a common occurrence after a powerful storm. According to the Eaton Blackout Tracker*, the number of significant power outages in Australia
and New Zealand almost doubled in 2013, from 94 in 2012 to 162 last year.

“Power outages are most often caused by severe weather events such as lightning, storms, floods, heatwaves, bushfires, high winds or by trees contacting
power lines. Animals, car accidents or digging near underground power lines can also cause interruptions to power,” says Scott Magee, Briggs &
Stratton Category Manager, Power Generation and Cleaning.

“The financial impact of power outages can be significant and include repairing property damaged by storms, mould removal, new flooring, painting, cleaning
and the replacement of damaged inventory.”

However, power outages can represent a sales opportunity for dealers to recommend customers take proactive action with the purchase of a portable generator
which will help keep their home or business running when the power cuts out.

“A portable generator can circumnavigate this expenditure and can pay significant dividends providing peace of mind,” says Magee.

“It will not only help protect people and their possessions during a power outage, but is also useful for customers when on the job site or anywhere power
is needed. Invaluable as backup power during an emergency or as a power source where electricity is not available, the best time to buy one is before
it is needed.”

Briggs & Stratton has a range of portable generators which enable lights, electric stoves, refrigerators, computers and other electronics to be powered.

For those who live and work in storm and cyclone affected areas during the typical Australian tropical cyclone season (which runs from November 1 to April
30), being prepared with a portable generator will ensure the power stays on when most needed.

Tips for weathering power outages:

  • Make sure you are ready for storms this season by cutting down dying or dead trees and trimming overgrown branches around your property that may inadvertently
    touch overhead power lines
  • Invest in a standby generator to ensure continuance of power supply
  • Use a radio to stay tuned to news services to get updates on weather conditions and power outages
  • Have torches at the ready
  • Fill containers with water, including the bath and sink, in case water supplies are cut off
  • Stay indoors as the storm approaches

*Eaton has tracked power outage information since 16 February, 2008 in an effort to provide education about the causes and impact of power outages.


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