Kärcher’s pint-sized puncher

Kärcher have long been industry leaders for commercial high-pressure cleaners, and with their Cold Water compact class of pressure cleaners, they now cater
for all businesses in need of an effective and efficient pressure cleaner at an affordable price.

The HD 5/12 C and HD 5/12 CX Plus are the latest compact and easy to use cold water pressure cleaners from Kärcher Professional, designed to be used across
industries. Extremely mobile and versatile, this advanced piece of cleaning technology is a testament to the nature of Kärcher’s innovation and dedication
to creating simpler solutions.

With the ability to clean anything from courtyards to workshops to construction sites, the HD 5/12 C range of high pressure cleaners are the ultimate all-rounders.
Sporting an alternating current drive, with impressive pressures and flow rates, allowing adjustment for any task, makes the Kärcher range  perfect
for construction, crafting, trade, industry, automotive and public services.

The HD 5/12 C is characterized by its compact design, robust construction and improved maneuverability. It can be used in almost any position and its light
weight and smaller size mean that it is easily transportable and storable. It also features generous storage space, significantly reducing the risk
of losing or damaging your accessories.

All Compact Class high-pressure cleaners include the familiar Kärcher full shock-resistant plastic covering that protects the pump from damage and soiling.
The HD 5/12 C series also features an automatic pressure relief system that helps protect the internal components and improves the durability of the
high pressure cleaner.

If you’re in the market for an effective, maneuverable and lightweight commercial high pressure cleaner at a low price, the Compact Class range will have
you covered.

For more information on the Kärcher HD 5/12 C series or any Kärcher Professional products visit www.karcher.com.au

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