Kubota’s BX25 – The ultimate home handyman tool

Whether it’s pushing or moving dirt, digging holes or trenches, rotary hoeing the vegetable garden, slashing the paddock or mowing the lawn the Kubota
BX25 can be adapted to suit almost any application.

The BX25 is unique in its configuration. No other manufacturer can offer a sub compact Tractor/Loader/Backhoe (TLB) unit that quickly converts from a full-on
work horse to a nimble easy-to-operate lawn mower. With amazing simplicity the operator can quickly drop off the front end loader and backhoe to perform
tasks such as mowing.

Under the metal bonnet, the 23 horsepower fuel efficient Kubota diesel engine provides a combination of high torque rise, low noise and vibration, and
cleaner emissions. The engine powers a 2 range hydrostatic transmission featuring heel and toe operation that is ideally suited to loader and mowing
operations, where constant changes of direction are required. The BX25 transmission also comes standard with 4 wheel drive and rear differential lock
enabling the BX25 to perform in any conditions.

The BX25 is equipped with hydrostatic power steering to make steering effortless, even with a full loader bucket. A comfortable well padded seat with a
swivel base to reverse the seat direction for backhoe operations is also standard. A large uncluttered metal operating platform and metal fenders ensures
all pedals and operating levers are within easy reach of the operator, enhancing the comfort level of the BX25.

A digital tachometer delivers precise monitoring of engine revolutions when operating the PTO. When the engine is off, the display conveniently changes
to show the hour meter, an important item for servicing the BX25.

The main frame of the BX25 is reinforced to ensure its total ability to undertake front end loader and backhoe operations. This added strength permits
more powerful and stable front end loader and backhoe operations than with conventional means of mounting loaders and backhoes.

A Kubota BT601 backhoe is fitted standard to the BX25. This backhoe features a curved designed boom. The arched design of the boom allows the operator
to dig deeper, keeping the boom out of the way of the edges of the excavation area. It also gives a better lifting height to clear obstacles. The BT601
has a digging depth of 1889mm and has a bucket breakout force of 861kg.  A 20 degree angle of departure of the backhoe allows for easy loading
and unloading from trucks or trailers.

A Kubota LA240 front end loader is fitted to the BX25. The rounded style of the loader arms offers excellent visibility for operators while performing
loader work. All hydraulic hoses and pipes on both the backhoe and loader are fully protected against accidental damage.

Once the quick detach backhoe and loader is removed, the BX25 reverts to a conventional sub compact tractor complete with mid and rear PTO. An optional
54” or 60” mid mounted mower utilises the mid PTO to provide a professional finish to lawns. In addition an optional three point linkage kit can be
fitted allowing implements such as slasher or rotary hoe to be used. This makes the Kubota BX25 the most versatile sub compact tractor available.

For further information ring free call 1800 334 653 or log on to www.kubota.com.au

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