Line up and trim down

As we approach the end of the summer season, many of us realise that we’re not spending every moment relaxing in the garden, but actually working hard
to keep it in good knick — thankfully Rover’s brand new RS3000 Line Trimmer is the perfect machine to sharpen up those edges in record time,
so you can spend more time enjoying yourself in the garden during this beautiful time of year.

Line up and trim down

The most powerful line trimmer in Rover’s range, this 29cc, 4-stroke engine also features SpringStart technology that reduces starting effort. The RS3000
is also compatible with Rover’s handheld battery jump starter system, giving you effortless power at the press of a button. Simply plug the 12 volt
Power Start unit into the back of the RS3000, hit the start button and watch the trimmer come to life without breaking a sweat.

The RS3000 is also built for comfort. An ergonomic swivel ball handle allows for strain-free operation and does the hard-yakka for you! Rover has also
accommodated for left or right-handed use, and the 43cm (17”) cutting path makes it one of the most efficient line trimmers on the market.

Not only is the RS3000 a line trimmer, it is also attachment-compatible with a huge range of accessories from Rover to help you get through a variety of
gardening jobs.

The lawn edger attachment has a hardened 19cm steel blade, which can be adjusted to match the depth of the lawn edge, ensuring a precision cut every time.
The pruning attachment can easily cut through logs up to 10cm in diameter, and the garden cultivator is ideal for adding life to the lawn and garden.

The RS3000 also features an articulated hedge trimmer attachment that makes light work of overgrown hedges, with double-sided, dual action blades that
cut in both directions and reduce vibration for comfort. With a brush cutter attachment also available, there’s nothing in the yard that the RS3000
can’t handle.

So if it’s a versatile tool that’s required for a variety of garden maintenance jobs, then the Rover RS3000 is the powerful, efficient line trimmer leading
the way.

For the full range of Rover maintenance equipment, or to locate you nearest dealer, visit

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