Maintaining lawns and gardens in drought conditions

Lawns and gardens are starting to feel the effects of a long, hot summer and some are struggling with the heat.

Garden and lawncare expert Victa has joined with horticulturalist Adam Woodhams to provide some top tips to help lawns and gardens survive hot weather
and drought conditions.


“Dry and drought conditions can present some of the greatest challenges for lawns and gardens. Most of the things than can be done to help your garden
and lawn through a dry time actually happen before a dry spell hits,” says Adam.


Water slowly yet deeply

This will develop deeper root systems in both lawn and garden plants. A deeper root system is more likely to find moisture as things dry out and it’s
less likely to be damaged by extreme heat. Remember to always be aware of local water use guidelines or restrictions.


Regularly apply soil conditioners such as bio-fertiliser or seaweed tonic

These add bacteria to the soil and stimulate other biological activity to help create organic matter deep down around the roots. This ‘embedded’ organic
matter is excellent at retaining moisture right where the plants need it most.



Keep the garden well mulched and run the mower on mulching mode. This helps to both retain valuable moisture and insulate the soil and plant roots
from hot weather.


Water wisely

When watering during dry conditions make sure to water early in the morning before the air and soil heats up – and water slowly but deeply. Consider
installing a subsurface drip watering system too.


Don’t panic!

Even if the lawn starts to look very sad it may well surprise you. Good quality, well-established lawns can reach a point where they almost appear
to be dead yet after the first decent downpour they’ll miraculously reshoot.

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