Motion activated camera covertly watches over assets

A continuing high incidence of thefts, vandalism and trespassing continues to impact on farms, small businesses and households particularly in situations
of isolation or where buildings are remote.

The Selecta V60 Motion Activated Camera Surveillance System offers an inexpensive means to covertly monitor and record activities in indoor and outdoor areas.

An inexpensive self-contained and secure motion activated surveillance device that covertly monitors indoor and outdoor areas around the clock can provide
the valuable identification information that can lead to the apprehension of an offender, to record a vehicle used in a theft or removal of goods,
or even to identify a dog that may have attacked or killed valuable livestock.

Silvan Australia offers a comprehensive range of motion activated security cameras and support equipment in its Selecta range that is proving to be ideal
for securing farm gates, driveways and access points, fuel storages, all types of buildings, livestock, machinery, tool storages or the equipment that
is often left unsecured in a field.

The range begins with the Selecta V60 Motion Activated Camera that can record video or still images within 0.6 of a second once activity is detected. It
has a 12-megapixel camera and works day and night with its no glow night vision being undetectable to an intruder.

The Selecta V60 Motion Activated Camera can store up to 3,400 images which is often enough to provide valuable source data — such as an intruder’s
identity or vehicle information — for the Police to pursue. The activity is recorded to an 8GB SD card for viewing or it can be viewed direct
from the camera.

The camera operates using only eight long life AA batteries while the sturdy housing is IP 54 rated for permanent outdoor use. Also included is a
mounting strap designed to secure the V60 camera in an out-of-sight location, such as a tree or post or even within a building structure, as the camera
lens achieves a 60-degree field of view. An optional adjustable wall mounting bracket is available to provide a more permanent holding position.

Selecta spokesman Terry Trimby said that the Selecta V60 camera is a great start in the extensive Selecta range of asset protection equipment.

“For next level users, we can offer cameras that can Wi-Fi evidence over a mobile phone, or our CCTV systems provide live video monitoring to provide motion
alerts that can be reviewed on a smartphone. Optional multiple security camera options or indoor or outdoor wireless video systems are included
in the Selecta range that are ideal for the oversight or securing of display sites, dealership yards or retail premises.

“On an almost daily basis we hear about the losses and inconvenience that theft or vandalism creates together with the business disruption or time absorbed
in a clean-up, pursuing a claim together with the cost of replacement stock. The incidence of theft is now so prevalent that all farm property,
small businesses and especially those locations that are remote or unsupervised need to have a surveillance system installed.

“Comparing a motion activated camera surveillance system to the value of assets being protected will confirm it as an essential investment and a case of
business common sense,” Mr Trimby said.

Further information on the Selecta range of business and property surveillance systems and solutions for farm, retail, dealership or household protection
can be obtained from Selecta resellers nationally or by calling 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826) or by emailing


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