Mulching for soil improvement, added productivity or property appearance

Nobili the Italian manufacturer of tractor mounted mulchers has led the world in developing innovative machines which have also won important international
markets in farming, in land management and contracting and amongst government agencies.

Mulching for soil improvement, added productivity or property appearance

Silvan Australia has been the Australia representative for Nobili for many years and today offers a comprehensive range of models with cutting width options
from .95 up to 8.20 metres that are designed to suit tractors from 30Kw (40 hp), up to over 330 Kw(450 hp).

Nobili Mulchers are a key resource in reducing all types of grasses, orchard or vineyard prunings and heavier organic residues into a fine mulch that on
release evenly behind the mulcher will decompose quickly as humus that improves soil quality and productivity.

Mulching returns the nutrients in the material including nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium as a complete set of soil nutrients.

Especially as it decomposes the mulched material increases soil nitrogen levels thereby reducing fertilizer requirements.

Silvan Australia’s machinery specialist Gavin Wheatcroft says that Nobili mulchers are commonly applied in a wide range of on property situations.

“Typical mulching tasks range from general paddock clearing, to weed management, pasture topping, crop residue breakdown after harvest, seasonal orchard
and vineyardmaintenance, parks and garden management, with roadside verge clearing being some of the common applications.

“Nobili places great emphasis on the quality of its products and with an ISO 9001certified system their mulchers are manufactured to obtain the best performance
from all types of applications and are built specifically to suit the available tractor horsepower.”

Mr Wheatcroft says that some of the key Nobili product features are the floating top link that enables the machine to follow ground contours, the overrun
clutch in the gear box for driveline protection, the precision balanced central rotors that provide vibration free operation, while all components
are fully painted prior to assembly to increase durability and corrosion protection.

Power is provided by the high quality belt drive to give excellent power transmission while skid plates or an optional rear roller or wheels are available
to give a consistent working height especially when working on uneven ground.

Mr Wheatcroft says that the typical Nobili body design ensures that thematerial being broken down is circulated several times to be impacted by the rotor
blades ensuring it is reduced to a fine residue that is ready to decompose.

Models are available that are ideal for mulching heavier material such as orchard or vineyard prunings or for crop stubbles without compromising the machine

Additional Nobili product features are replaceable wear plates, a choice of knife or hammer blades on the precision balanced rotor to suit the material
being mulched, while hydraulic side shift options are available for use in plantations or orchards where mulching needs to work around canopies, tree
or row obstructions.

Silvan Australia draws on a wealth of Nobili mulching experience and offers guidance to farmers, property owners, contractors and government agencies to
match the right model to the likely working conditions.

For more information on the proven Nobili range call Silvan Australia on 1300 745 826 or visit

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