New hydrostatic mower for serious ground management tasks

Grillo — the family-owned Italian manufacturer of ride on mowers, garden and small acreage machines — has gained an international reputation
over many years for design and product innovation, quality and reliability.

New hydrostatic mower for serious ground management tasks

Grillo has brought it latest product innovation to the Australian market — the Grillo 13.09 Hydrostatic Mower.

Through Grillo Agrigarden, the Australasian factory representative, the latest innovations in the Grillo product range are regularly available in Australia
where their customer satisfaction and reliability has added further substance to the brand.

The latest introduction is a professional mower with an out-front cutter deck, permanent four wheel drive and with a direct injection Yanmar diesel engine.

Designated as the Grillo FD 13.09 it is the ideal machine for professional mowing contractors, Councils and local government bodies, ground management
agencies and large estate owners.

The front cutter deck affords a 1.32 metre cutting width using two contra-rotating blades fitted with swing tips. The cut material is collected into the
900 litre capacity grass catcher which achieves hydraulic tipping into a receptacle at up to 2.0 metres in height.

The power unit is provided by the Yanmar 31hp three cylinder diesel engine, 1331 cubic centimetres in capacity. It is direct fuel injected, fitted with
an electric fuel pump, diesel filter and water separator plus an engine cooling system.

The drive to the transmission is via power takeoff and gearboxes employing helical gears while automatic differential locking with manual override provides
superior traction. A unique feature is the very tight steering radius of 310mm created by the balance of the machine with the steering axis directly
over the centre of the front wheels.

As a four wheel drive mowing unit employing four hydraulic wheel motors it also is able to access small tight areas particularly where there is interference
from fences, trees or other fixed obstacles.

The cutting height of the deck is hydraulically controlled by the operator. The height of the cut is also maintained by a continuous height adjustment
making the machine ideal for cutting turf or sports fields where an even, quality finish is needed.

And being direct drive — without belts — by using the PTO joint transmission, gearboxes and the twin contra-rotating blades, the performance
and reliability of the cutting deck is robust.

Another benefit of the Grillo design is that regardless of climatic or ground conditions cutting and collection of the clippings sees reduction into smaller
pieces, enabling the catcher to hold a larger quantity and reducing the need to empty the catcher as frequently.

Environmental benefits include low noise emissions, and using a low air flow flail system and mechanical efficiency to transfer the cut material to the
catcher rather than using a turbine or a fan.

The radiator grill of the mower is protected by a self cleaning grid with a regular cleaning cycle. This is generated by the radiator fan automatically
moving into reverse mode for a few seconds to dislodge grass debris, leaves or dust making the Grillo machine the ideal choice for mowing in hot temperature
and dusty conditions.

Grillo Agrigarden factory representative Alan Wilkinson says that the new Grillo hydrostatic mower is receiving an exceptional reaction whenever it is

“The key performance features are widely recognised, the quietness of the machine and its ergonomic operator features are instantly recognised. I
believe there will be a significant local uptake of this latest Grillo mowing innovation” Mr Wilkinson said.

For more information freecall 1800 182 383.

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