Portable air conditioner is cool for workshops!

A comfortable working environment for workshops, garages, larger retail areas and outside events can now be provided by the Selecta Portable Factory Evaporative
Airconditioner, just released by Silvan Australia.

Portable air conditioner is cool for workshops!

The Selecta FC 440 Portable Evaporative Airconditioner is the ideal solution to create comfortable workplaces including trade workshops, garages, farm buildings and retail areas.

A compact standalone and portable unit operating on 240 volt mains power, the Selecta FC 440 creates a high maximum airflow of 12,000 m³ per hour.

Using a 440 watt electric motor the unit offers three adjustable fan speeds, with air direction swing functions. The unit is fitted on four swivel
wheels, two of which can be fixed once the preferred position is determined.

As an evaporative cooling unit it has a water capacity of 70 litres and can be filled from or connected to a garden tap. There is a float valve control
to ensure sufficient water is available while an electric level sensor, as well as a liquid sight level, indicates if the water level falls too low.

Additional features include a remote control unit and a timer function for automatic preset start and stop functions.

Selecta spokesman Michael Frost said Silvan has been frequently asked for a solution to protect trades people working under warm conditions in dealerships,
farm buildings or retail stores.

“The Selecta unit has the ability to create a comfortable workplace over areas ranging from 70 to 100 square metres in scope.

“In addition, it is ideal to cool portable outdoor structures like tents, portable buildings and similar structures used for entertainment events and trade

“Moreover it is offered to the market at an incredibly attractive price.”

On a dry basis each unit weighs only 43 kg and operates at a low noise level of up to only 63 dB.

More information on the Selecta FC 440 Portable Factory Evaporative Airconditioner can be obtained from Silvan Australia on 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826)
or visit www.silvan.com.au for your nearest Selecta reseller.

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