Selecta 12V oil change pump takes the mess out of engine oil changes

The recommended oil changes for all types of small engines, often even larger ones, can pose a difficult and messy process.

Many engines are manufactured without a bung as part of the sump so removing oil from an engine can prove difficult at the best of times.

The latest addition to the Selecta range, the 12 Volt Oil Change Pump is an ideal aid for workshops, service shops, mechanics, farmers and even for a home
handy man seeking a better solution to enable the recommended engine oil changes.

The 12 volt pump is a kit, supplied complete with cables and alligator clips, enabling a connection to any available battery source. The pump has
a hose kit, including one for insertion into the dipstick port on the engine, and a delivery hose enabling the used oil to be drained away safely into
a suitable container.

The pump achieves a transfer rate of the order of 3 litres per minute, depending on the viscosity of the oil.

A major advantage is that the risk of a messy used oil spill is avoided and there is no need to tilt or invert an engine for drainage purposes. The
need to work under a vehicle or stationary engine can also be avoided.

The Pump is available nationally from the authorised Selecta dealer network including many major rural supply businesses in rural areas. For more product
information email or call Silvan Customer Service on 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826).

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510 total views, 1 today

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