The boss of all blowers

Ensuring car parks, school grounds, commercial sites and large properties are kept neat and tidy has never been easier thanks to the Tanaka TBL-4600EX.

This ultimate back-pack blower allows for maximum performance with minimum fuss, tailored to suit any professional or property owner’s needs.

Designed by Japan’s finest engineers, the back-pack mounted blower is a heavy-duty unit with a comfortable frame, complete with trigger control and swivel/flexi-tube.
The 2.3hp low emission two-stroke engine features a stress relieved, chrome plated cylinder, creating a longer engine life with higher air velocity
and volume.

Featuring a technologically advanced system designed for maximum comfort under operation, the Tanaka TBL-4600EX uses a unique air intake and muffler design
to drastically reduce engine noise, ensuring sound levels are kept to an absolute minimum for your hearing protection.

The Tanaka TBL-4600EX uses PureFire technology, which is world leading innovation promoting environmental sustainability by reducing fuel emissions by
70%, fuel consumption by 30%, and co2 exhaust by 50%.

The blower includes a multi-point anti-vibration frame, as well as a swivelling blower tube for awkward angles, reducing the need to shift body position.
A pivoting engine control arm provides easy access to the throttle and stop switch improving the ease of use of the power product. An extra-large fuel
take also improves operational efficiency of the TBL-4600EX, significantly reducing downtime.

All Tanaka products in Australia come with full spare parts back-up from Parklands Power Products as well as an exceptionally reassuring 5 year domestic
and 1 year commercial warranty.

For more information on the Tanaka range and other outdoor power equipment visit Parklands website or contact 1800 671 417 for your nearest dealer.

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