Top tips for your mower

Lawnmower not starting up as quickly as it should? Sounding a bit ‘congested’? It might be time for a tune up.

“Mowers are real workhorses, especially if you give them some routine maintenance,” says Joe Camilleri, Victa technical services officer.

“Just like you service your car, you should give your mower some TLC. It’ll run better, last longer and burn fuel more efficiently and cleanly.

“And the good news is that most mowers are quite simple machines, so they’re easy to service. Seasonal maintenance consists largely of cleaning and lubricating.
Dirt on the inside is abrasive, while dirt on the outside traps heat — and these can increase wear and shorten the life of the mower.”

Here’s how to get the most out of your mower:

Step 1: Change the air filter

Change the air filter to allow the engine to ‘breathe’ properly. The air filter’s role is to suspend oil droplets within it to filter out dirt and

Step 2: Change the oil

Most mowers these days are four stroke engines which require oil to be replaced each year, or after 25 hours of use. To remove the old oil, Victa
recommend the Briggs & Stratton Oil Removal Kit. Only use four stroke engine oil (refer to engine manufacturers specifications), which can be purchased
from most hardware stores or specialist mower retailers. The oil is important as it lubricates and cools the engine.

Step 3: Grease mower parts

It’s also important to grease all the hinges, wheels and moveable parts, to ensure ease of movement.

Step 4: Replace the spark plug

Clean or replace the spark plug and adjust the gap between the centre electrode and earth connection. Refer to your owner’s manual, check online,
or take your mower to a mower service centre to ensure the right gap measurement.

Step 5: Change mower blades

Worn mower blades tear the grass instead of cutting it. When blunt, visit a specialist mower service centre where they can replace the blades, bolts
and nuts.

Step 6: Give your fuel a boost

Fuel becomes stale in about 30 days, making starting your engine more difficult. Get into the habit of adding a fuel treatment and stabiliser, thus
extending the life of your fuel and protecting your engine.

Other recommendations

Before starting any work on your mower, refer to your owner’s manual which provides a complete outline of all you need to know.

To ensure product warranty, use only genuine Victa or Briggs & Stratton spare parts in your mower.

“When you use genuine parts you can be safe in the knowledge that the product is designed specifically for that purpose so it will work and fit the mower
perfectly,” says Joe.

For peace of mind, all Victa and Briggs & Stratton products are backed and supported by dealers and the manufacturer.

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