Victorian rebate program means businesses can now afford the best from Kärcher

For small industry-specific business (e.g. automotive, cleaning, industrial, groundskeeping, mechanical, etc), high-end pressure cleaners can be a costly
capital expense, but under the Living Victoria Water Rebate Program, Victorian businesses with fifty or less employees are now able claim up to $2000
back on their Kärcher pressure cleaners.

A high calibre and effective pressure cleaner is a necessity for a wide range of industries, required for customer presentation in regards to safety and
hygiene. Kärcher is an industry leader for commercial pressure cleaners, offering everything from heavy-duty hot or cold units to small mobile upright

If you have a small mechanical or groundskeeping business, Kärcher’s Super Class pressure cleaner can remove dirt or grime that would otherwise require
a stationary cleaning. Alternatively, Kärcher’s stationary cleaner can be installed, which save a lot of space in single-lance operations. 

If your business does not require such a high performing cleaner, the medium and compact classes still pack a punch, and can be used on most jobs. The
upright cleaner is the entry level commercial cleaner and is ideal for small businesses in maintaining a professional appearance.

It is a difficult balance for small businesses in keeping standards high while keeping costs low. High-level equipment is an essential part of maintaining
those standards, but the expense can often mean an unwanted compromise. With the Water Rebate Program, Victorian businesses can now afford the highest
quality pressure cleaners from Kärcher.

Andrew Callinan from Kärcher said a lot of businesses are unaware of such rebate programs that can make commercial equipment more affordable.

“With the ever-changing state and federal legislation and lack of promotion of these incentives it’s always important to do your research,” Andrew explained.

“Pressure cleaners are essential for many small businesses and this initiative ensures they can afford the best.”

The Kärcher team are always happy to assist at their Kärcher Center’s nationally or at

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