​Lawns: As environmentally friendly as the solar panels on your roof, says Don Burke

Gone are the days of water-guzzling, polluting lawns — it’s time for Aussies to get back to their “grass roots” and love their lawns, says gardening
guru Don Burke.

The gardening expert is urging householders to cherish their lawns for the health of their family, pets, quality of life — and the environment.

Lawns provide an abundance of benefits — from societal and health to environmental. Not only do they prevent soil erosion and absorb rainwater to
improve drainage, they also provide an outdoor area for families to play and entertain, get kids away from their screens, reduce noise pollution, clean
the air, enhance the value of your property — and they can even lessen stress and improve blood pressure.

“A healthy, attractive, weed-free lawn creates a sense of pride and community, and encourages our kids to get off their devices and spend time outdoors,”
says Don. “And lawns are an environmental powerhouse.”

Scotts Australia has been a lawn care innovator for over a century and has just launched its Australian-developed Lawn Builder range of slow release liquid
fertilisers — a world first — to keep Australia’s lawns looking their best.

“Research has shown that only one in four households fertilise their lawns,” explains Don. “But with this true slow release fertiliser, Scotts has made
it easy to provide proper nutrition to keep lawns green and healthy – perfect for the family to play on. It feeds your lawn for a whole season, is
hosed on in just minutes — and it’s child and pet friendly, the only such product of its kind on the market. Plus, there’s no environment-polluting
waste of excess nutrients.

“With the use of Scotts lawn care products, your lawn can be lush and attractive, as environmentally friendly as the solar panels on your roof —
and very water-efficient too. Gone are the days of water-guzzling, polluting lawns.”

Benefits of lawns, and how to keep them in tip top condition

Lawns create community hubs

Lawn was an integral part of growing up for many of us, with the sound of a mower or scent of cut grass able to trigger childhood memories. Playing on
the lawn until Mum called us in for dinner not only created an active childhood, but also encouraged us to connect with our neighbours.

“A healthy lawn is the connective tissue that bonds neighbourhoods — physically and aesthetically — instilling a sense of collective pride
and enhancing feelings of community,” says Don. “Providing a green space for kids to play on encourages local children to interact more.”

Making it easy to create lush lawn is Scotts Lawn Builder hose-on liquids, which click on to your garden hose so you can switch between fertilising and
watering on the spot. Another great thing about this product is that it is pet and child friendly, which means they can get back to enjoying the yard
straight after it dries.

Swap screen time for green time

Screen time for young children is rising at an alarming rate, with paediatric specialists and researchers citing a dramatic increase in behavioural and
developmental issues. Getting our kids to swap screen time with green time has never been more important.

“Making your lawn attractive is an effective way to entice children away from their iPods, iPads, smartphones and tablets, and into the backyard where
they can be active, play with their pets, get their hands dirty, and do what kids need to do to grow up strong and healthy,” says Don.

Buffalo is probably the most popular lawn in Australia today and Scotts has developed a Lawn Builder liquid fertiliser specifically for this family favourite.
“Buffalo tends to lose colour quickly, especially in winter, and it can be slow to repair damaged spots,” explains Don. “Lawn Builder Buffalo helps
thicken your lawn to prevent weeds and fixes damaged spots now, making it stronger in future.”

Grass is healthy for the environment

Healthy lawns not only look great but also improve the quality of air we breathe in and around our home. Lawns help absorb and sequester carbon dioxide
gasses (more than trees!) and regulate soil ion, as grass binds soil more effectively than any other plant.

“I started using Scotts Lawn Builder over 20 years ago and still use it because of its slow release formula that does not pollute the ground or local waterways,”
says Don. “In fact, it sticks to the soil and delivers nutrients to the root zone where it’s needed the most, for up to three months — no other
liquid fertiliser can do that.”

Our humble lawn also helps dissipate heat, reducing summer temperatures that often dissuade us from heading outdoors during the day. A continuing source
of oxygen and cool air, they also prevent hot spots, or “heat Islands” as they are known, from developing around our home.

“With Scotts’ new, world-first, slow release liquid fertiliser, we can now create the perfect environment friendly, carbon sequestering green carpet,”
says Don.

The Scotts Lawn Builder range is the feed your lawn needs and it has everything homeowners need to build and maintain a better lawn. It comes in three
liquid variants depending on your needs:

  • Lawn Builder Extreme Green
  • Lawn Builder Buffalo
  • Lawn Builder + Organics

For more information on the Scotts Lawn Builder range visit the website at www.scottsaustralia.com.au

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