Mount Lawley GC impresses members with new equipment

Mount Lawley Golf Club, located in Perth, Western Australia, has taken delivery of a fleet of machinery from renowned turf equipment manufacturer Jacobsen, with local dealer McIntosh & Son making the delivery.

Rohan Farrow with an Eclipse2 walking greens mower in front of the clubhouse.

The golf club decided to invest in brand new machinery to improve the playing surface of the golf course for their members. The machinery leased through Jacobsen included two Eclipse 322 ride-on greens mowers, two LF570 light fairway mowers, one LF1880 super-light fairway mower, one AR722 rotary mower, one GP400 greens mower and four Eclipse2 walking greens mowers.

Rohan Farrow, Interim Course Superintendent at Mount Lawley Golf Club said he had carried out a lot of research before committing to Jacobsen machinery.

“I looked at our capital expenditure and took things into account, such as reliability, running costs and back-up support, before putting a case forward to the club. Jacobsen came out on top in all of the criteria and the demos that we had on the course, so it was an easy decision in the end.

“I am particularly impressed with the quality of cut that the Eclipse 322 and the Eclipse2 mowers produce. The members have noticed the difference on the greens, and the team really enjoys using the machines; they are easy to use and in my opinion, they are the best cutting machines in the industry,” Rohan commented.

The Eclipse2 walking greens mower also features a unique password-protected LCD menu which allows users to set the frequency of clip, mow speed and other settings to customise the mower to course conditions. There is a range of models available in both hybrid or electric.

“I also spoke to other Jacobsen customers before purchasing any machinery, and their feedback was very positive. Everyone spoke very highly of the machines; especially about the quality of cut and improvements they have seen on their respective courses,” Rohan added.

“I am particularly excited about the LF1880 fairway mower; I believe it will transform the course here and double our efficiency when cutting surrounds,” Rohan concluded.

Mike Foskett, Regional Sales Manager at Jacobsen, commented on the new fleet at Mount Lawley saying this was a significant deal for Jacobsen.

“Mount Lawley is a top-end club and has been using competitor equipment for a long time. We are pleased that they are seeing results on the golf course with the new Jacobsen equipment, and we look forward to building upon our relationship with Rohan and his team in the years to come.”

Mike Foskett, Regional Sales Manager at Jacobsen (left) with Rohan Farrow, Interim Course Superintendent of Mount Lawley Golf Club.

Mount Lawley Golf Club is located just 10 minutes from the centre of Perth city and is one of Western Australia’s premier sporting clubs. Since its formation in 1928, the Club and has hosted numerous State and National Amateur golf events and hosted the Western Australian Open Championships in 2013. The course measures 6,234 metres (Par 72) with a USGA Scratch Rating of 73 and is consistently ranked in Australia’s top 100 courses.


TBE Series mulchers latest innovation from Nobili

Nobili, the Italian manufacturer of precision munchers, has been represented in Australia by Silvan Australia for almost two decades and continues
to win international markets for its mulchers based on product quality and innovation.

The latest addition to the Silvan Australia range of Nobili vegetation mulchers is the hydraulic offset model TBE series with a working width from 1900 to 2600mm.

The latest Nobili innovation is the TBE series of mulchers that can be used both centrally behind a tractor and offset (left and right hand offset versions
are available). This makes them ideal for pasture mulching as well as roadside edges, verges or sloping ground.

The new Nobili TBE Series gives farmers, land managers and local government bodies a uniquely effective machine. With a working width from 1900mm
to 2600mm, the TBE Series is an ideal choice for a 70 to 180 horsepower (or 60 to 130kW) tractor.

The rotor blades of the Nobili TBE spin at 2205 rpm based on a PTO speed of 540 rpm with the choice of two different blade types depending on the type
of vegetation.

With a total weight from 925 to 1100 kgs, the Nobili TBE series is supplied complete with double skin, durable working skids and guards that ensure the
mulched material is deposited safely on to the ground behind the machine.

Silvan Australia’s machinery specialist Gavin Wheatcroft says Silvan has sold thousands of Nobili mulchers into all markets and application areas Australia
wide and despite a number of copyists they have earned an unparalleled reputation for quality and performance.

“Newly introduced, we will have the Nobili TBE Series of versatile offset mulchers available for demonstration across Australia.”

For more information on the Nobili range contact Silvan Australia on freecall 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826) or email or visit the website for technical specifications.


Cromer Golf Club keeps residents happy with Eclipse 322

Cromer Golf Club, located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, has combatted regular noise complaints from local residents by investing in an all-electric Jacobsen
Eclipse 322 greens mower.

The Eclipse 322 was purchased to combat noise complaints from local residents

Half of the bushland championship golf course is surrounded by the Wheeler Heights residential area, and after an abundance of complaints about the early
morning noise levels, Superintendent Leon Hennessy decided that action needed to be taken.

“I was getting phone calls at least once a week from residents who were not happy with being woken up early due to the noise that our machinery was creating.
I can understand their frustration to an extent, so with the club’s backing I decided it was time to do something about it,” Leon said.

“I did some research, and came across the Jacobsen Eclipse 322. After seeing it in action, I knew that it was the machine we needed. It is such a quiet
mower, which means that I can now be more effective with my mowing route, as I don’t need to worry about waking anyone up! The Eclipse 322 also provides
us with a better quality of cut than before; I had heard about the Jacobsen quality of cut, but I didn’t realise quite how good it was. This has only
been reiterated by our members during club championships, where the feedback on the quality of the greens has been astoundingly positive.”

Superintendent Leon Hennessy on the Eclipse 322 at Cromer Golf Club

Cromer Golf Club uses the 15-blade variant of the Eclipse 322, which also features electrically adjustable cutting frequencies and mow and transport speeds.
The innovative machine does not use hydraulic oil, thus eliminating the chance of leaks. A Hybrid variant of the Eclipse 322 is also available.

Commenting on the after-sales support, Leon said the local Jacobsen dealer — JT Turf — has been brilliant.

“The machine arrived on time and as expected, and I am confident that if we ever needed technical support, our dealer would be with us straight away to
help us out. I’m very happy with the purchase of our new machine and the process of acquiring the mower from JT Turf.”


Ransomes Jacobsen celebrates 185 years of mower manufacturing

2017 sees a major milestone in the grounds care industry with Ransomes Jacobsen celebrating its 185th anniversary of mower production at Ipswich.

The first mower produced by Ransomes in 1832: the “Buddings Patent”

Edwin Budding’s historic lawnmower design was patented in 1830, and JR & A Ransome was the first company to obtain a licence to manufacture this
remarkable invention. The first Ransomes-manufactured machine for domestic use was produced in 1832, and this signalled the beginning of commercial
mower production in the UK.

Although the company no longer produces domestic lawnmowers they are one of the leading commercial mower manufacturers supplying equipment to golf
courses, local authorities, landscape contractors, sports clubs and major sports stadia around the globe.

Alan Prickett, Managing Director of Ransomes Jacobsen said this is a hugely significant milestone in the history of the company.

“From this small beginning, we are now one of the leading grounds care machinery manufacturers in the world. Ransomes mowers have been supplied to
monarchies and nobilities across Europe and Asia, and the Ransomes name has become a by-word for quality British engineering. Through the years,
the company has had its ups and downs, but today it is a vibrant company with a modern manufacturing plant providing employment and career opportunities
to the people of Ipswich.

“If you look at the grounds care manufacturing industry today, you’ll find a huge number of people who either began their careers in Ipswich or have
worked for the company, and this has been the case for decades. On a personal basis, I am delighted to be heading a dynamic management team at
this significant moment in the company’s history and thank everyone, past and present, for their contribution,” Mr Prickett said.

Significant milestones

  • Production of the Ransomes Budding begins in Ipswich in 1832.
  • Innovations quickly follow, and by 1852 some 1,500 improved versions of the 21-inch mower had been produced. In 1870 the range was extended with
    the introduction of horse drawn mowers.
  • Shortly after the dawn of the 20th century, Ransomes engineers produced the world’s first petrol driven lawn mower. This single innovation in 1902
    was to change the way that grass was cut for ever.
  • By the end of the 1920s, the Ransomes catalogue featured Quintuple and Septuple gang mowers, using cutting cylinders from horse-drawn triple mowers
    ganged into combinations of five and seven units.
  • The new White City works in West London opened in 1937 to meet the growing demand for Ransomes mowers.
  • In the late 1930s greenkeepers began to overcome their reluctance to use petrol-driven machines, and this was as a result of the introduction of
    the Overgreen, a machine featuring a power unit with large pneumatic tyres that pulled three Certes cutting units and enabled a single greenkeeper
    to cut 18 greens in a day.
  • After World War II a number of new machines were introduced, including the Auto Certes, a mower that developed a worldwide reputation for its exceptionally
    fine cut.
  • 1964 saw the introduction of the Ransomes Quint, the world’s first tractor-mounted, power-driven five-unit gang mower. In the same year, the Motor
    Triple was launched- a highly manoeuvrable, high output mower which elevated Ransomes to the forefront of the European professional turf care
  • In 1978 Ransomes acquired an interest in an American rotary mower manufacturer, which subsequently became a wholly owned subsidiary, Ransomes Inc.
    The result of this fruitful union was the Motor 180, with power units manufactured in the USA and cutting units built in Ipswich.
  • The Motor 213, a hydraulically driven triple reel mower for the local authority market was launched in 1982. This high work rate, ride-on triplex
    mower heralded the change from large-scale pedestrian-operated mowing practices to more productive and cost-effective maintenance of roadside
    verges and housing areas.
  • 1988 and Ransomes acquires Cushman Ryan, the U.S. manufacturer, which provided access to the Cushman Turf Truckster and its wide range of accessories
    for topdressing, spraying, aeration and other maintenance duties on sports turf areas.
  • The E-Plex is introduced in 1994, the world’s first electric ride-on triplex greens mower, providing noise and pollution-free mowing of fine turf,
    particularly golf greens in suburban areas.
  • In 1998 Textron Inc., the multi-industry U.S. company operating in 33 countries with approximately 37,000 employees, acquires Ransomes plc and
    establishes Textron Turf Care & Specialty Products group.
  • Company re-branded in 2001 as Ransomes Jacobsen Ltd, focusing on core brands: Ransomes for local authority and municipal mowers, Jacobsen for the
    golf sector.
  • 2003 sees the launch of dedicated environmental programme under “Driving Environmental Performance” streamline.
  • Ransomes Jacobsen produces the first hybrid walking greens mower in 2007 and the first hybrid riding greens mower in 2009.
  • In 2016, Jacobsen signs a contract to become the “Official Machinery Supplier of the Ryder Cup 2018.”

Interesting facts

  • A catalogue from 1851, published for the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park included a 16-inch Budding grass mower priced at £6 5s. Today, the Ransomes
    MP653 wide area rotary mower, retails at around £60,000.
  • In 1904, two years after the introduction of the first motor mower, King Edward VII requested a demonstration of the 30-inch version and two were
    purchased for the Buckingham Palace gardens.
  • Ransomes introduce Britain’s first battery-powered electric truck in 1920 and in 1926 produce the first mains electric operated lawnmower.
  • During World War II the Ransomes factories at White City and Ipswich produced bomb trolleys, trailers for 25-pounder guns and parts for Bren gun
    carriers, Crusader tanks, Rolls-Royce aero engines and Mosquito aircraft.
  • An extract from the 1954 accounts records sales of 42,500 hand mowers, 1,100 gang mowers and 9,500 motor mowers.


Rover Pedestrian cuts to the chase

There are few better feelings than finishing mowing your lawn, looking back at your work and seeing your backyard looking the best it could possibly look.
With the new Rover Duracut 400 and 800 series, the task of mowing becomes an enjoyable, efficient activity, and the results will be a source of pride.

Rover have just announced the Duracut Series with four new models — they are the 18” Steel Deck Pedestrian mowers. These mowers start the first
time, every time and will make your next mow an enjoyable experience. Your Rover will become the envy of your street.

Packed with a powerful 159cc Rover 800 engine that punches out 8.04ft-lbs of torque, the four swing back blades featured on the Duracut 820 and 850SP
will cut through any length of grass like a breeze. On the other hand the 410 & 420 models pump out almost 5ft-lbs, making either series an
ideal domestic and commercial product. An extra-wide 46cm high quality steel deck on all models with ten different height adjustment settings will
shave valued time off your personal best mowing time.

Keeping safety at the forefront of the design, Rover’s Safe Stop technology will stop the mower automatically if the user is not in control, minimising
injury and providing peace of mind for the user. Incorporated into all four new models, this design feature is core to Rover’s philosophy of safety

Durability is a core attribute of the Pedestrian series. They feature a superior 1.8mm thick steel deck that offers increased strength on component
contact and wear points; in addition, they are fitted with full 8” ball bearing wheels matched with a Zag 2 grip pattern for optimal performance
in rugged conditions. These mowers are enhanced with ergonomic levers that optimize comfort and joint protection over extended periods.

Each mower and engine is proudly backed by a 5 year warranty domestically and 90 day warranty commercially.

Rover leads the design and innovation industry in quality, which means you’ll be counting down the days until you get to manicure your lawn again.

Available now Australia-wide. To find your nearest Rover dealer visit their website.


Jacobsen showcases HR800 at BTME

Jacobsen, the renowned manufacturer of turf maintenance equipment, has introduced the HR800™ wide-area rotary mower at the BIGGA Turf Management
Exhibition (BTME) in Harrogate, UK.

The 16-foot HR800 is powered by a 74.3 hp Kubota® engine

The 16-foot HR800 is powered by a reliable 74.3 hp Kubota® engine, and sets a new efficiency and power-to-weight ratio standard. That efficiency, combined
with a massive cutting capacity of more than 20 acres per hour, makes the HR800 the ideal mower for customers who want to spend less time, labour and
fuel maintaining large areas of grass.

“The HR800 has a 30% greater power-to-weight-ratio than its direct competitor, which allows the machine to utilise power incredibly efficiently,” said
Richard Comely, Director of International Product for Jacobsen.

“By utilising a compact chassis design and high-strength, high-performance steel, there is simply less mass to move around, thus requiring less fuel, hydraulic
capacity and power.”

The HR800 is the second mower in a new series of wide-area rotary mowers from Jacobsen. In 2016, Jacobsen introduced the HR700, the first and only 14-foot-wide
rotary mower. The series is built on a common narrow platform that easily navigates through gates and onto transport trailers. The HR800 is almost
two feet narrower than its direct competitor.

The HR800’s Tilt Sensor Technology (TST)™ automatically monitors and adjusts mower decks to prevent rollovers when working on slopes.

“The whole HR series is centred around the operator experience, and nothing is more important than operator safety,” said Richard.

“Any company or organisation that is concerned with the safety of its operators will appreciate the HR Series’ Tilt Sensor Technology.”

The HR800 weighs nearly 900kg less than its competitors, and can mow 20-plus acres per hour

The operator extends to the HR800’s optional cab, which was designed to integrate seamlessly into the traction unit. The cabin provides reduced noise and
vibration and features air conditioning, a heater, a fan, ventilation windows, an industry-first heated windshield and an air suspension seat.

New SureStrength™ decks constructed with high-strength, high-performance steel deliver greater durability in a lighter, more robust design. Q AMP
variable rate steering provides optimal response to operator input to mow effortlessly around obstacles. In addition, a new AdaptiCut™ system
automatically adjusts mow speed to ensure consistent cut performance.

Individual hydraulic deck motors with self-lubricating integral bearings deliver cutting power to each blade and do not require daily maintenance. The
HR800 boasts nearly half the daily grease points of its direct competitor.

The HR800 weighs nearly 900kg less than its competitors, and can mow more than 20 acres per hour, making it well-suited for golf courses, sports fields,
parks and green spaces, schools, sports fields, airports and commercial grounds.

More information can be found at Jacobsen’s website.


Smithco XL 70 Roller debuts at BTME

Jacobsen, the European distributor of Smithco rollers, showcased the all-new Smithco XL 70 roller at this year’s BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition (BTME)
in Harrogate, UK. The new Smithco XL 70 ride-on greens roller features the widest available rolling width of 70”, providing unrivalled productivity
on all fronts.

The XL 70 features the widest available rolling width of 70”

The XL 70 green roller is powered by a 16hp Briggs Vanguard gasoline engine, and the productive roller is able to work at a ground speed of 10 mph.

The hydraulically driven greens roller features a triple roller drive system for superior traction and safety in all turf and terrain conditions. Additionally,
the direct drive hydraulic motors to each roller cylinder eliminates the maintenance required on mechanical drive systems featuring no chains or sprockets.

Richard Tyrrell, Product Manager at Jacobsen said they are delighted to be distributors of the Smithco greens roller range.

“They are fantastic products with a great track record of being reliable and easy-to-use. This particular model is Smithco’s most productive roller to
date with an impressive 70” rolling width, which will undoubtedly mean that the XL 70 is going to be a staple machine in any greenkeeping facility.”

The Smithco XL 70 has been engineered with operator safety and comfort in mind. The roller features an easy-to-use keyed ignition switch, engine throttle
and choke which are all easily accessible from the operator’s seat. Dual drive pedals control left and right operation and rolling speed, and pedals
are connected to a hydraulic pump by a fully steel linkage system for a high level of durability. The operator’s seat is high-backed and cushioned,
providing ultimate comfort for the operator.

Independent articulating roller heads produce a wider and more stable ride

The independent articulating roller heads produce a wider and more stable ride. Other benefits, including a 3-roller independent driving system, direct
drive and power steering ensures that the bar has been raised with the introduction of the new Smithco XL 70 greens roller.

More information can be found at Jacobsen’s website.


​Jacobsen launches GA600 Aerator at BTME

Jacobsen, the renowned manufacturer of turf maintenance equipment, has introduced the highly anticipated GA600 aerator at this year’s BIGGA Turf Management
Exhibition (BTME) in Harrogate, UK. The GA600 aerator is a truly versatile unit and is the first in a range of brand-new aeration equipment from

The GA600 aerator is the first in a range of brand new aeration equipment from Jacobsen.

The deep tine aerator can work up to 3.4 km/h at a working depth of 30cm and a width of 1.8m. If used with the available AerStrike™ 4 Tine attachment
system, productivity is further enhanced, allowing deep and conventional aeration in a single pass. Unique spacing on the AerStrike™ system creates
tight 7.5cm patterns and eliminates the need for a turf guard.

The patented PerfectStrike™ tine arm motion provides perfect entry and exit of tines, achieving a truly straight hole. The geometry of the crankshaft
and the tine arms allow for vertical entry of the tines into the ground. Coupled with cluster tine heads keeping tines at a distance to reduce tearing
of the turf, the GA600 produces unrivalled hole quality. The truly versatile unit makes it perfect for use on greens, fairways and sports fields.

Lee Kristensen, Product Manager at Jacobsen said they were delighted to have introduced the first unit in the new line of aeration equipment at BTME.

“A lot of research and development has gone into creating the GA600, and this is evident in the unique feature of being able to achieve deep and shallow
tine aeration in one pass. We are confident that the new aeration range will be well received by the industry.”

The cluster tine heads keep tines at a distance to reduce tearing of the turf, and allow deep and shallow aeration to be achieved in one pass.

The new aeration line has been designed to improve hole quality, boost productivity and enhance aeration performance over undulated surfaces; the short
roller to tine distance ensures superior contour following. The GA600 allows turfgrass professionals to do the job once, and to do it correctly when
time is of the essence.

More information can be found at Jacobsen’s website


​More partners announced for the National Sports Convention as industry support continues to grow

The inaugural National Sports Convention in 2016 attracted 600 participants, including over 80 speakers, 55 expo stands and broad representation from all
levels of government, sport, education, NFP and the commercial sectors. With the success of the 2016 event, the goal for 2017 is to address how
we collaborate, plan, develop and deliver programs to activate people, through a more innovative approach.

This is the main focus of the National Sports Convention (NSC), a series of sport and recreation management events to be held in Melbourne on 19 to 21
July 2017.

The National Sports Convention is developed by the industry for the industry and key collaborators include VicHealth, Australian Sports Commission (ASC),
Victoria University, Sport New Zealand, Sports & Play Industry Association (SAPIA), VicSport and Aquatics and Recreation Victoria.

“The 2016 National Sports Convention highlighted the opportunity for even greater collaboration between sport and local government to support sports clubs
and programs to encourage more people to participate,” said Mark McAllion, Chief Executive Officer, Vicsport.

“The Sports and Play Industry Association is pleased to once again participate in the National Sports Convention. During the 2016 NSC in Sydney, we announced
to the industry our rebranding from the Sports Contractors Association to SAPIA. Since that time we have had a significant increase in membership numbers,
from individuals to international corporations who share our best practice goals,” Mr McAllion said.

“NSC provides a forum for manufacturers and installers to promote their products and services to end users, ensure they are up to speed with the latest
techniques and technological advances from home and abroad and take a look at what their competitors are offering,” said Mark Edmondson, Association
President, SAPIA.

The National Sports Convention is also partnered with Community Sport Australia (CSA), Football Federation Victoria (FFV), Football Federation Australia
(FFA), Football NSW, Australian Sporting Goods Association (ASGA) and Australian Sports Tech Network (ASTN).  

With the support of these key collaborators and partners, the National Sports Convention will feature several aspects, including:

  • National Sports Convention Conference (20-21 July);
  • Community Sport and Recreation Expo (20-21 July);
  • National Football Conference (20-21 July);
  • Australian Sport, Recreation and Play Innovation Awards (Thursday 20 July);
  • Industry Best Practice Tours (Wednesday 19 July); and
  • Community Sport Think Tank (Wednesday 19 July).

Delegate registration is now open on the event website at

For more information contact Melanie Robertson, Marketing Manager for Interpoint Events, by telephoning 1300 789 845 or email


Dubai Golf upgrade golf car fleet with GPS units

Dubai Golf has taken delivery of 292 new E-Z-GO RXV ivory golf cars featuring TKV GPS units. Local Jacobsen dealer, Luxury Carts Arabia, made the delivery
with 33 of the fleet at Almouj Golf Club in Oman, 170 golf cars at Emirates Golf Club in Dubai and 80 units at Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club.

A selection of the E-Z-GO RXV golf cars at Dubai Golf’s Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club.

Featuring genuine hand-stitched super deluxe seats, the E-Z-GO RXV golf cars are also fitted with TKV GPS. The system is permanently mounted in the
car and offers different levels of amenities for golfers, such as text yardages, enhanced graphics, scoring, messaging and food and beverage ordering.
It also facilitates direct communication with golfers on the course and can be used for alerting or advertising additional services.

Craig Haldane, Director of Golf Course Maintenance at Dubai Golf, commented on the new fleet of E-Z-GO golf cars by saying they were really impressed
with the upgrades to the E-Z-GO golf cars.

“We have opted for E-Z-GO for many years now because the vehicles are so reliable and meet the demands of Dubai Golf’s customers. In addition to the
main golf car fleet, we have also purchased 17 red RXV marshall cars and a Cushman Shuttle 2 flatbed which are also fantastic additions to the

Christopher May, Chief Executive Officer at Dubai Golf added that he was particularly impressed with the TKV GPS on the RXV golf cars.

“Dubai Golf provides the region with a premium golfing experience, so the ability to be guided around the course through an intuitive on-screen course
guide only adds to the excitement of playing golf at one of Dubai Golf’s courses. The technology not only provides golf course information, but
it will allow us to potentially provide a range of other services to customers which will further enhance their experience at Dubai Golf.”

The new E-Z-GO RXV golf car features a unique 48-volt AC drive system, providing up to 39% energy efficiency savings and a suspension inspired by automotive
engineering. There is also additional storage space for drinks, spare balls and tee pegs as well as ample space for golf bags and clubs.

Nathan Williamson, International Business Development Manager at E-Z-GO commented that they were delighted that Dubai Golf has taken delivery of a
new fleet of E-Z-GO vehicles.

“There are many fantastic new features on the RXV golf cars, and the TKV GPS will allow Dubai Golf to control where the cars can go which will help
to protect the course and prolong the use of cars in the years to come. I am confident that customers of Dubai Golf will enjoy the new vehicles,
and they will become an integral part of the overall golfing experience.”

Nick Brown, Head of International Corporate Accounts added they have enjoyed working in partnership with Dubai Golf for many years now

“It is fantastic that our relationship is going from strength to strength. We are looking forward to working closely with Dubai Golf and Luxury Carts
Arabia — our dealer in the United Arab Emirates — in the years to come, and we thank everyone involved for their continued support.”

Dubai Golf, a leisure subsidiary owned by Wasl Asset Management Group, harbours some of the most spectacular locations for golf, events and entertainment
in the region. It manages the two leading golf clubs in Dubai-Emirates Golf Club (home to the Omega Dubai Desert Classic and the Omega Dubai Ladies
Masters) and Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club. It also manages a third golf club in Oman, Almouj Golf Club.

Dubai Golf also provides a wide range of golf and leisure related services including fine dining restaurants, golf academies, recreation amenities
and residential developments.

E-Z-GO is a division of Textron Inc., a leading global manufacturer of golf cars, utility vehicles, and personal transportation vehicles. Products
sold under the E-Z-GO brand include RXV and TXT® fleet golf cars, Freedom® RXV and Freedom TXT personal golf cars, and are distributed in the UK
and Europe by Ransomes Jacobsen Ltd, another Textron Inc. company. Founded in 1954 in Augusta, Georgia, E-Z-GO became part of Textron Inc. in 1960.
For more information  visit the E-Z-GO website.


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