Looking at a sports field or a Golf Course aesthetically could tell how your Grounds Team are feeling mentally.

The past few years has been an absolute living nightmare for everyone but for one of the lowest paid industries that has been so important for everyone’s health and well being especially with the huge increase in participation in sport, it has been heart breaking for the Turf Industry from people leaving the industry completely to people even committing suicide at work.

The pressure of covid, floods, record rain falls, inflation and lack of staff the Turf Industry is really struggling from the Turf farms to the Playing fields we are all feeling the pain.

No one in our industry has been through this ever before but unfortunately if there’s the opportunity people will take advantage of situations like this when everyone is bleeding, they come in trying to sell a silver bullet.

People being made redundant from the turf industry during a time when no one can find staff is absolutely crazy but it is happening because some people are taking advantage of these crazy times.

The problem is when a staff member gets burnt by an employer or a company they usually think it’s the industry that has burnt them to the point they move onto something else that pays more money with less responsibilities and stress.

We constantly hear how a young person has had one bad experience so they decide their entire career on that experience making it harder to recruit new talent as they tell their friends and family about their bad experience.

After three years of hell the people left in the industry around the world deserve a medal and it’s up to the industry to try and recruit new people to join our great industry..

International Greenkeepers are doing everything they can to promote the industry through social media, expos and high school careers markets but we desperately need the clubs, employers, committees, members and residents to understand these times are not for ever.

If the local park or golf course looks unmaintained from a distance there is probably a very good reason. Maybe it’s the record rainfalls with fields that have no drainage or covid affecting the amount of staff that turn up to work each day.

I guarantee you no one in our industry wants to have their surfaces flooded or turned to mud so next time you see or play on a mess make sure you think twice before writing a complaint or posting something on social media that will cause the poor people trying to maintain that area even more heartbreak.

If you are a frustrated employer and are looking to find new staff or new ways to move forward, International Greenkeepers can put you in touch with one of our volunteers at no cost to give you a second opinion before making big decisions that can seriously affect peoples lives.

Thanks Daryl Davidson 

You can email us on internationalgreenkeepersfh@gmail.com 

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3852 total views, 1 today

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