Combat alarming levels of rural property theft with cameras

Alarming levels of theft from farm and rural properties with the main targets being rolling equipment, tools, machinery especially chain saws and welders,
stored fuel supplies such as diesel and livestock continue to frustrate property owners.

Combat alarming levels of rural property theft with cameras

The Selecta Motion Activated Security Camera with Wi-Fi upgrade provides a watch and recording function in day or night conditions over all types of farm or rural property assets, driveways, gates, buildings, machinery or livestock.

Key targets seem to be virtually anything of value that is unsecured or can be easily removed. Recent thefts at Strath Creek in central Victoria confirm
that three properties had been raided with losses calculated as four chainsaws, two welders, assorted power and other tools, kitchen appliances, a
quad bike, step ladders and scaffolding and personal items. (*see Police Report below)

At one property alone where the house and shed had a forced entry while the owners were absent their loss was calculated at $6,000.

Silvan Australia through its Selecta merchandise division offers a range of inexpensive solutions to farm and even general property security or livestock
monitoring including their new movement activated Wi-Fi compatible 12 Mp Selecta Day & Night Security Camera.

A Selecta Security Camera is a low fuss, easy-to-employ, day or night use, asset protection aid suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It can also complement
other deterrents including warning signs, simple or sophisticated locking systems, warning alarms and dogs.

The Selecta Day & Night Security Cameras are motion activated and include no-glow infra-red for night vision with a range from fifteen to twenty metres. They
also have a multi-photo feature with the capacity to take from one to three photos every time it is triggered. The cameras have a camouflage colour
scheme, designed to help keep the cameras hidden from view.

It is bundled with an 8 GB Wi-Fi SD card enabling automatic file transfer of the information recorded to Apple and Android phones or tablets.

With its small size and waterproof IP 54 rated housing, the camera is powered by AA batteries which give an operating life of many months to capture movement-activated
still photos or video images of any intruder.

The information recorded can be viewed on the colour screen of the security camera or stored on a USB or SD card that can then be viewed on a camera, LCD
screen or downloaded for viewing to a television screen, personal computer or similar technology.

Other key features are the timer function which allows the camera to be turned off during daylight hours so that only suspicious movement at night or at
designated times is recorded. Equally it can be used to record activity around a house or building in daylight hours when the owner may be away
or at work.

With it’s camouflage and mounting strap the camera can be installed where it cannot be seen so an intruder will be unaware that their movements and actions
are being recorded. The information provided by the camera is such that the image of the intruder or activity can be recognised and is able to
be passed on to a security firm or the Police.

Selecta spokesman Greg Everett said theft of valuable equipment is one of the most frustrating aspects of a farm or rural property.

“There is plenty of evidence that rural and farm theft has increased substantially and intruders usually seek out items with a quite high replacement cost. With
our recommended retail price of $349 the Selecta Motion Activated Security Camera — with its Wi-Fi upgrade — is an ideal, cost effective
protective device that will allow any unlawful activities, trespassers or illegal entries, theft and even vandalism to be recorded.

“It’s easy to use features with the capacity to record a lot of evidence can provide the sort of information to lead to a Police conviction or recovery
of stolen goods. The Selecta camera is equally valuable for livestock surveillance or to keep a watch on wildlife, fox, pig or wild dog activity,”
Mr Everett said.

For more information or to find your local Selecta merchandise outlet contact Silvan Australia on 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826) or visit

*Neighbourhood Watch Crime Report by Leading Senior Constable Simon Eaton:

  • Thieves broke into a house on the Broadford-Flowerdale Road at Strath Creek in the week between the 17th and 22nd of September. The thieves forced their way into the house and a nearby garage stealing property including two chainsaws, a CIG welder, an angle grinder, a trolley jack, a set of Bailey step ladders, other assorted tools and personal items totalling around $6,000.
  • Between September 22-23 thieves smashed a window to gain entry into a house being renovated in Falls Road Strath Creek. The thieves stole kitchen appliances, an arc welder, a set of ladders, scaffolding and power tools.
  • Between September 12-16 thieves again struck a property in McNallys Road, Strath Creek making off with another two chainsaws and a children’s black quad bike.

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