Ditch the slow mow for a zippy Zero Turn

If you are maintaining acreage for clients, you understand the importance of having the right equipment to cut and maintain the lawn.

No-one with a large tract of land to maintain wants to waste time on endless hours of lawn maintenance with a small tractor style lawnmower, especially
not when there’s a quick and viable method of cutting the grass with a Ferris zero-turn mower.

Briggs & Stratton’s IS® Ferris range of zero-turn mowers are famous for their patented suspension technology. The mowers are fine tuned to tackle tough
terrain and finish big jobs faster, resulting in more hectares per hour and more money in your pocket. Another fine feature is the ability for the
blades to contour the grass, resulting in one of the best finishes in the industry.

“The suspension system provides a smooth ride on uneven turf and minimises shock to the chassis, resulting in improved stability, speed and increased productivity,”
says Rob Mellor, Briggs & Stratton Commercial Category Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

“Many operators don’t realise that they slow down over uneven terrain – until they test drive a Ferris mower with suspension and notice the mower deck
follows the movement of the wheels and the flow of the terrain, resulting in a beautiful, consistent cut.”

Just in time for the 2014/2015 peak mowing season, Ferris has released three new zero turn, ride-on mowers — the F125XT and the IS 2100Z, in 52”
and 61”.

F125XT 26hp Commercial Turf Series™ 132cm (52″)

Ditch the slow mow for a zippy Zero Turn

The smooth operation of the Ferris F125XT makes it an ideal workhorse. Featuring the cutting performance enhancing iCD™ Cutting System and a maximum
speed of 16km, you can be sure to mow up to 4.3 acres per hour.

IS 2100Z 26hp Vanguard™ 132cm (52″) and IS 2100Z 32hp Vanguard™ 155cm (61″)

Ditch the slow mow for a zippy Zero Turn

The Ferris IS 2100Z series of zero turn mowers is a popular choice with landscape contractors. Featuring the heavy duty iCD™ Cutting System in 52″
and 61″ widths, the patented suspension system enables you to mow rougher ground faster with a consistent cut quality, to increase productivity and
improve mowing performance.

The IS 2100Z reaches a top speed of 16km per hour to reach an impressive cut speed of 5.1 acres per hour, enabling you to quickly finish the job.

Like all Ferris mowers, safety is paramount and is built into all models. Both the F125XT and IS 2100Z have seat activated engine kill to circumnavigate
accidents, a rollover protection system, a clutch safety switch and neutral and parking brake safety circuits.

The new season range includes a four year suspension warranty and a 2+2 year limited warranty, which covers four years or 500 hours, whichever occurs first,
with unlimited hours during the first two years.

Ferris mowers are available from specialist dealers. Call 1800 356 632 to locate your closest dealer.

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