Green speed improved without raising height of cut at Pine Rock Golf Club

Sam Huang, Superintendent at Pine Rock Golf Club in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei in China has successfully increased his green speed without raising the height
of cut using Jacobsen’s Eclipse mowing technology.

Green speed improved without raising height of cut at Pine Rock Golf Club

Pine Rock Golf Club, managed by IMG, is the first private members golf club to open in Qinhuangdao and is located on the coast, two hours drive from Beijing.
The location is a dramatic mix of bold rock outcrops, a rock quarry and gently rolling countryside with several stands of mature pine trees.

Back in April, Lewes Liu, Jacobsen’s Sales Manager for the region, gave a presentation to the Green Care Association on the benefits of the Eclipse technology
and after reading the subsequent article, Sam Huang, who runs a fleet of Jacobsen equipment, decided to test the principle.

Last July, maintaining his height of cut at 3 mm, he reduced the frequency of clip (FOC) from 0.16” to 0.14” and increased his green speed from 9.5 feet
to 10 feet. The Jacobsen Eclipse technology is the only mower control system on the market that allows the number of cuts per yard/metre to be controlled
so precisely.

Commenting on the results of this trial, Sam Huang said he was delighted that they were able to increase their green speed while maintaining the original
height of cut.

“This is a significant breakthrough and will ensure that we have a healthy grass plant and don’t have to chase increased speed by cutting lower.

“We have found Jacobsen’s mowers to be very reliable and their overall performance is the best in the industry. Also, their after-sales service is also
better as we can compare this having tractors and spraying equipment from their main competitors.”

One of the top five clubs in the Beijing area, Pine Rock purchased the majority of their Jacobsen fleet in 2012 and added three SLF1880 fairway mowers
a year later. Currently they run eight Eclipse2 battery powered walking greens mowers, 10 Greens King 522s for the tees, an AR3 for the light rough,
an AR522 for the semi-rough, two TR3s for greens surrounds and two Eclipse 322 ride-on mower for green mowing and verticutting.

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