Grillo launches Series 10 4WD ride on mowers for steep gradients

There is plenty of evidence that property owners, contractors and land managers want a safe ride on Mower that is purpose designed for mowing on steeper
gradients or hill slopes.

The Grillo Series 10 All-Wheel Drive ride-on mowers are purpose-designed for safe, comfortable mowing on hill slopes. The two new models employ the Briggs & Stratton Intek series of four stroke engines with extensive safety, comfort and mowing widths of 93cm or 98cm.

Grillo, the leading European manufacturer of mowers and garden management equipment based in Italy, has now released in Australasia through its local distributor
Agrigarden their new Series 10 of All Wheel Drive climbing mowers. The new Grillo Series 10 is the next advance to their Series 7 and 9 ride-on
mower ranges which already have earned a reputation for their success in areas where most conventional ride-on mowers are not successful nor safe to

Released as two versions the new Grillo 10 Series offers four-wheel drive together with higher ground clearance, oscillating front axles, differential
locks and wider decks. The key benefits are a low centre of gravity together with smaller turn radius to offer the ability to mow in situations
where the difficult terrain makes the safety of the operator a key issue.

New features included in the Grillo Series 10 range include the operator comfort provided by the ergonomically designed Grammer seat that is mounted on
a suspended platform controlled by suspension struts and is standard on the larger of the two new models. A comfortable and secure seated position
is a key feature for a contractor or property owner who may need to spend long hours mowing, especially on sloping ground or to bring hill country
up to an acceptable presentation or standard to reduce growth for fire prevention reasons. The Grammer seat is also adjustable to match the weight
of the operator.

Another feature is added protection provided by foldable roll-over bars. The Grillo Series 10 is also supplied with twin LED headlights to suit operators
or contractors wanting to work safely for longer hours at dusk or similar times.

The Grillo Series 10 is offered in two model choices, both fitted with proven Briggs & Stratton Intek four stroke engines. The Grillo Climber 10.22
model is powered by the 22hp Intek 7220 Professional series engine with a hydrostatic four-wheel drive transmission and a cutting deck of 93cm (37
inches). The mowing deck has a well proven electromagnetic clutch with blade brake to ensure a long belt and uses long-life quick-change reversible
blades with a step-less cutting height adjustment.

Rear wheel parking brakes and a differential lock add to the stability while the 13-litre capacity fuel tank provides a long operating time between refills.

The Grillo 10.27 uses the 27hp Intek 8270 Commercial series engine which has the added feature of a cyclonic air filter that makes this model ideal for
mowing in dusty environments. It also offers a slightly wider mower deck of 98cms (39 inches) that is likely to make this version the ideal contractor
or land manager’s choice.

The two models have the common transmission, safety, comfort and tight turning radius features.

Grills, through its Australasian distributor Agrigarden, leads the hill gradient or slope mowing sector in Australia. With seven Climber series choices,
the new Grillo Series 10 models offer even more features for operator comfort and safety.

Full production information is available on request by emailing or by contacting
Agrigarden on 1800 182 383.

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