Maredo provides popular tools for greensmowers

Starting a little over 12 years ago in the Netherlands, Maredo has developed innovative turf maintenance machines like the GT 230 Core Dethatcher and the
GT 410 Vibe Spike Overseeder, which are proving to be their most popular greensmower tools.

Maredo provides popular tools for greensmowers

The GT 230 Core Dethatcher heads keep the turf in perfect condition during thatch removal.

These heads attach to a triplex greensmower to turn the machine into a coring or seeding device, which is ideal as the heads follow the ground’s undulations
perfectly. With the high working speed, light weight and manoeuvrability of the greensmower, maintenance jobs have become easy to accomplish in a very
efficient manner.

The GT 230 Core Dethatcher heads remove the thatch by pulling a core up to 25mm (1”) deep, and the perfectly cut holes heal within two to three days —
compared with a verticut slit which may take two to three weeks before it recovers. The turf stays in perfect condition during the thatch removal and
the quality is improved.

The GT 410 Vibe Spike Overseeder is very precise and efficient as it plants the seed in holes made by rolling spike sections that vibrate. This vibration
guarantees perfect and clean holes which also heal in two to three days.

In addition to the above head attachments, the latest invention by Maredo is the MFrame, which is attached behind a (compact) tractor. The heads are mechanically
driven via PTO shafts, and all heads can follow the undulations independently. Curves can be made and the height adjusted without the need for any
tools. The working width of the MFrame is 1.9 metres (76”).

Maredo provides popular tools for greensmowers

The MFrame allows current and future Maredo heads to work with compact tractors.

The first available heads for the MFrame are the MT200 Verticutters. These have a working depth up to 25mm (1”) and the standard carbide disc spacing is
30mm (1¼”). The blades counter-rotate to remove more material, which goes over the top and is laid down on the surface, providing a safer method of

Maredo is continuing to innovate with more new heads to follow in the future.

For more information visit Maredo’s website at and for enquiries please
email Marinus Reincke at

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