New developments from Maredo

Maredo BV, a Dutch company that develops and distributes innovative machines worldwide for turf maintenance, has had a busy 2014 — and here
is some info about their product range for 2015.

Slicer Tine for the Maredo® GT 230 Core Dethatcher

New developments from Maredo

Maredo have developed a new “tine” for their popular GT 230 Core Dethatcher. They call it a Slicer Tine. It is a 0.8mm (0.03 inch) thick slicer blade
that is mounted on a shank and can produce a continuous or interrupted slit up to 25mm (1 inch) deep.

For warm season grasses, this will be a great tool to cut the runners at the surface. For cold season grasses this could be perfect for cutting the roots
in the top canopy.

To align the two slicer blades per tine head, they are linked together — that means 6 slicer tine assemblies per GT230 head are required. After
that only the wear part needs to be replaced, which is the slice blade.

With this new application, more jobs can be accomplished with the GT 230. It takes only 4 to 5 hours to do 18 greens with your triplex greensmower
— since you can play right after it, it can be done in between the players.

Removing the higher thatch levels on greens

In a recent Turf Pro Newsletter, it was stated that current golf greens contain thatch levels that are up to 60% higher than desirable in the top
20mm (3/4 inch).

The higher organic levels retain greater moisture, which reduces the firmness (more rolling needed) and increases the disease pressure. Organic material
provides the ideal conditions for spores like Fusarium to survive, according Mr Rod Burke.

As soon as conditions are triggered by rainfall, or even damp dewy mornings, infections can quickly break out.

Results have also shown that going into winter with clean turf gives a better playing condition in the spring.

To read the full article click here.

One of the machines suited to remove thatch in the top 25mm (1 inch) layer is the Maredo® GT 230 Core Dethatcher. Many superintendents worldwide
are using them every 4 to 5 weeks with different kinds of tines. They state that the thatch level has come down and the quality of the turf has

The Maredo GT 230 Core Dethatcher heads fit onto an existing triplex greens mower, work quick and clean like mowing and remove a lot of thatch and organic
material all year long.

Even in the approaching autumn you can use the Maredo GT 230. Even though the grass isn’t growing much, the aerification with the GT 230 does
not hurt the turf, but helps it to survive the winter.

So to fight turf pressure, turf stress, diseases, firmness, moisture etc. in a sustainable way, consider the Maredo GT 230 Core Dethatcher.

MFrame 319 and MT200 Verticut

New developments from Maredo

The MFrame 319 with the MT200 verticut head has been in production for several months now and can boast these unique selling points:

  • No Oil Leakages
  • No belt slippages
  • Can make curves during work
  • Each head follows its own ground contours
  • The carbide blades counter rotate at 30mm (1 1/4 inch) spacing.

View a video of the MFrame 319 and MT200 in action below:

For more info on any of the products in the Maredo range visit the website or the Maredo BV Facebook page

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