New innovations set to transform Aussie lawns and gardens

As one of the world’s leading small engine innovators, Briggs & Stratton has developed a reputation for constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility.
This pioneering spirit is once again evident in its latest selection of exciting new products, being launched in Australia from this spring.

New innovations set to transform Aussie lawns and gardens

“Innovation has played a key role in Briggs & Stratton’s small engine design for over a century. That focus doesn’t waver, and the innovations have
only gotten better,” says Thomas Rugg, Managing Director. “Evolving our small engine expertise in new ways and embracing technology are the driving
forces behind our engines that are engineered to be quieter, lighter and smaller.”


Briggs & Stratton’s InStart engines are the first in the world to combine the power of petrol with the instant starting reliability of lithium-ion
battery technology. They’re Briggs & Stratton’s easiest starting engines.

Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, the InStart battery can deliver up to 10 starts with just a 10-minute rapid recharge. With a full one hour charge,
InStart can provide up to 75 starts, providing enough power to meet the needs of most homeowners for an entire mowing season.

“This is the next generation starting system. InStart offers consumers the most advanced starting method on the market today,” says Tom. “The most outstanding
feature is the ease of the actual starting procedure, which completely negates the need for prime and choke functions. It also means that the pulling
of a starter cord is replaced by an easier starting option. More than 50% of recent mower buyers rated easy starting as being extremely important,
so this breakthrough will be welcome.”

Key InStart features include:

  • A smart lithium-ion battery that enables up to 10 starts from a 10-minute rapid recharge, and up to 75 starts from a full charge.
  • A petrol-powered engine that delivers the power and range to cut tall grass.


An incredible 40% quieter than a traditional lawn mower*, QPT (Quieter Power Technology) enables users to mow their lawns without disturbing their neighbours.

The QPT innovation has been designed to reduce sound and vibration, resulting in significantly quieter, yet still powerful, equipment.

“One of the common things mower buyers have told us following their purchase is that they wish their mower was quieter,” says Tom. “QPT meets this need.
The reduced noise levels not only create amazing flexibility around the time of day you actually mow your lawn, but also enable you to have a conversation
while the engine is running.”

*Noise tested comparatively with previous equivalent Quantum Powered Victa models, measured at 7.5m according to NSW Noise Regulation 2008

The low levels of sound emission are made possible by key fuel system changes that allow for stronger and steadier fuel delivery. These factors combined
with additional modifications have resulted in quieter operation and better engine control speed.

It also includes ReadyStart®, Briggs & Stratton’s no prime, no choke starting system for worry-free starts.

EXi Series™

Representing industry-first technology, Briggs & Stratton’s powerful and highly durable EXi power plant is the first mower engine that never requires
an oil change.

“The development of the EXi comes in direct response to industry research that shows that consumers want ease when it comes to all aspects of mower use,”
says Tom.

Also featuring the convenience of QPT™ technology (see more above), EXi engines eliminate the need for oil changes through a series of important
design features, including. 

  • A radial seal paper air cleaner that keeps dirt out of the engine and helps extend engine life.
  • An improved oil fill tube with extended flange that protects the tube from debris during routine oil checks.
  • A new Overhead Valve Design and cooling package that enables it to run cooler with less oil consumption. This acts to reduce oil temperature, which
    in turn leads to slower oil decay and breakdown.
  • The addition of the Just Check ‘n’ Add™ feature that enables owners to regularly check their oil level and add new oil when necessary.

For more information on the QPT, EXi and InStart technologies go to

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