Rover Blower — Thar’ She Blows!

Summer is about to make its exit and autumn is in the garden pulling the leaves off trees.

Rover Blower — Thar' She Blows!

Take the hassle out of cleaning up this leafy season with the new R4HB 4-Stroke Blower from Rover; your greatest ally in the garden this autumn.

The Rover Blower R4HB powerhouse is a compact unit ideal for backyard use. Variable speed gives you close control over the redistribution of your garden
debris; however, with a top end blower speed of over 240kph you also have the power of a category four cyclone in your hands.

Rover have designed the R4HB to make light work of big jobs. Featuring a 29cc, 4-stroke engine and SpringStart technology to minimise the effort required
for starting the unit.

This blower is also compatible with Rover’s handheld battery jump starter system. Simply plug the 12 volt Power Start unit into the back of the R4HB, hit
the start button and watch the blower come to life without breaking a sweat.

The Rover 4-Stroke Blower also doesn’t require the mixing of oil and fuel, which allows for simpler operation and lasting performance which is synonymous
with the Rover name.

Lightweight and comfortable to use, the Rover Blower comes with a rubber handle to provide extra grip when working. Whilst the R4HB is perfect for home,
it can also be used on commercial properties or small acreage, this blower will have the work done in a flash.

For the full range of Rover lawn maintenance equipment visit or to locate you nearest deal visit

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