Simple and inexpensive bird control products

Birds create a wide variety of problems especially in horticulture, orchards, home gardens and can also impact on buildings and other structures.

Simple and inexpensive bird control products

Three new bird control products introduced to the Selecta merchandise range by Silvan Australia and available through their dealer outlets nationally will
assist in safely preventing or discouraging the intrusions, damage and economic losses caused by birds. 

The first of three products is the Selecta Bird Spikes which can be mounted on flat, curved or irregular surfaces to discourage birds from alighting or
perching on structures, including outdoor light fittings, roofs, pergolas, balconies or building ledges.

Each pack includes ten 50 metre lengths with 110mm long stainless steel spikes attached. The spikes simply discourage birds from landing on the surface.

The second product is the Selecta Bird Repeller Tape.  The tape is a colourful metallic ribbon which, with it’s movement by wind and it’s sound, will
repel bird activity. The tape measurers 100 metres by 2.54 mm in section and can simply be cut to the desired length and tied to trees in orchards
or the home garden, or used in vegetable gardens — in fact anywhere that bird activity needs to be discouraged.

Completing the trio of the Selecta Bird Control range are the Bird Control Balloons. These are 380mm in scale and are designed to be installed at a height. Their
reflective tassels and luminous eyes act to scare birds away from a backyard, garden, nursery or similar location. Each pack contains three balloons
in different colours and reflective qualities.

Each of the new Selecta Bird Control products provides an inexpensive and safe deterrent to the usually significant losses or damage caused by birds to
crops, buildings and vegetation. 

For more information visit Selecta resellers nationally in rural and country areas or contact Silvan Australia on 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826).

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