Strong increases in rural theft increase need for protective devices

Recent rural and regional media headlines like “Surge in farm theft, trespass”and “Take all measures to stop thieves” reflect the fact that country businesses
and farms are always key targets of thieves.

The Silvan Selecta SENTINEL security system can operate up to four security cameras day or night

The Silvan Selecta SENTINEL security system can operate up to four security cameras day or night

The recent University of New England rural crime study has found a doubling of the incidence of thefts since 2001.

Usually the theft targets are items with a high convenience and quickly realisable cash value and can range from fuel to livestock, tools and machinery
of all types and for many regional retail traders cigarettes and liquor stocks are always at risk.

The onus is increasingly on farmers and all types of property owners to have the best available protective systems installed to act as a deterrent and
in many instances to be able to detect or identify intruders and thieves.

Silvan Australia, through its Selecta merchandise division, offers an expanding range of simple and easy to use asset protection and security products
such as basic warning signs, heavy chain locks, wireless driveway sensors and motion activated cameras. The latest is the SENTINEL Wireless CCTV
system for day/night video monitoring and recording that is ideal for watching a business, farm, home, workshop or other valuable possessions.

The new SENTINEL system comes with one camera and base station LCD screen which can be expanded to manage up to four cameras wirelessly up to 150m from
the base station.

The wireless function is specially convenient as it allows cameras to be set at accessory buildings surrounding the home or business without stringing
long cables across the yard.

With cameras active 24/7, rated for indoor/outdoor use and featuring a broad night vision range up to 15 metres there is the best chance of seeing activity
which can be reviewed from the base station or even as live view from a mobile phone.

The SENTINEL system is very flexible in the way of recording activity by allowing manual, scheduled and a smart motion activated loop recording keeping
six seconds of footage from before the movement of an intruder is even detected.

Recorded activity is kept separate from the camera through recording to an SD card in the base station, away from prying eyes.

Silvan Selecta spokesman Michael Frost says that the Sentinel system is an inexpensive solution for around homes and businesses where there is access to
240V power so that constant activity is captured while the battery operated cameras are great for remote locations with less activity.

“Increasingly we are receiving reports of thefts from farms, machinery dealerships, yards and service areas.

“Clearly security is an individual choice of a business or a property owner but we also hear the consequence of not just equipment loss, but the on costs
coming from downtime, or business disruption, costly repairs to property damage and often from the stresses from having an unknown intruder on premises.

“The strong message coming from authorities including the Police forces Australia-wide is that theft prevention or deterrence is an individual responsibility,”
Mr Frost says.

Products, together with advice and information on appropriate security choices, can be obtained from Selecta resellers nationwide.

For for more information on the Selecta range of asset protection and security solutions visit or call 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826).

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