Unmanned helicopters to revolutionise agricultural industry

Yamaha Sky Division Australia represents the future of the agricultural industry and the introduction of the Yamaha RMAX unmanned helicopters will enable
property owners, franchisees and contractors to maintain the land and crops remotely, from the air, and without the hassles that come with more traditional
farming methods.

The RMAX is a remote controlled helicopter designed specifically for the agricultural industry. Weighing in at 99kg and at a total length of 3.63m and
a height of 1.08m, each helicopter has a load capacity of 28kgs and runs on a 2 stroke, horizontally opposed 2-cylinder engine. The newest member of
the Yamaha Sky Division is the ultimate piece of farm machinery for the 21st century.

The versatility of this new technology means that operators can spray weeds, crops, or spread seed in a more cost effective and accurate manner. Because
RMAX is completely airborne, terrain is no longer an issue. Spraying dangerous aquatic weeds or accessing uneven ground is all part of the package,
and can be done in a time efficient way. Liquids and granules can be dispersed across a 400m range from the location of the operator, covering approximately
2 acres in just 6 minutes.

A high-performance Global Positioning System (GPS) combined, with the Yamaha Attitude Control System makes operation incredibly simple. These sophisticated
technologies, combined with a highly capable operator, ensure that the Yamaha RMAX maintains consistent and controlled speeds in all directions, as
well as excellent flight stability. It is this reliability that guarantees accurate and even spraying every time RMAX takes off.

Yamaha’s training school, Skytech Academy, incorporates classroom lessons, practical skill training, a proficiency test, and ongoing safety training and
updates, to create first-class RMAX operators. Completing an RMAX operator course takes just three weeks, and is a small price to pay for a revolutionised
farming experience, and massive increases in productivity.

Yamaha Sky Division spokesman, Mike Johnson is excited about this agricultural innovation.

“We’re proud to be releasing this new technology to the Australian agricultural industry,” Johnson enthused.

“RMAX has the ability to increase productivity, whilst reducing the risks surrounding the use of traditional farming equipment in adverse conditions.”

Yamaha’s RMAX unmanned helicopters are an innovative and exciting addition to what is already an extensive catalogue of high quality products. Incorporating
unparalleled performance with high quality safety systems, RMAX is truly the future of farming and land management.

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