Whip your backyard into shape safely this spring

If your backyard is looking a little worse for wear after the cool, winter months, there’s a good chance you’ll need to break out the line trimmer for
a complete tidy up.

Lawn care specialists Rover realise that safety should be of the utmost importance while operating backyard machinery and have provided these six simple
tips to guide you on your next backyard blitz.

  • Make a Checklist – It is a good idea to conduct a brief inspection of your line trimmer and the area you’ll be
    working on before starting. Make a note to check the fuel level, trimming line quality (change if needed) and clear away any toys, sticks, rocks
    or other debris from the working area. When starting your machine, make sure your hands and feet are well clear of any moving parts.
  • Take Pride in Protection – When snipping up the backyard, your line trimmer will send grass clippings and other
    unexpected debris in all directions. Please make sure pets and children are not present in your working vicinity and that you’re wearing protective
    clothing to shield you from fragments. Enclosed footwear, protective eyewear, long pants and a long sleeved shirt should be worn at all times and
    remember to slip, slop slap before you head out on your trimming tirade.
  • Easy on the Edges – As you make your way around the backyard, be sure to stick to the edges where the grass is
    lighter and never try to cut big clumps of grass; leave the tough stuff for the lawn mower. This will ensure your line trimmer stays at its optimum
    working ability and won’t tangle in the longer grass, which could lead to malfunction or to possible injury.
  • Safe and Stable – Always maintain your footing while trimming and make sure your balance isn’t compromised in your
    working area; slippery and uneven surfaces are a definite no go. Trimming in wet conditions is extremely hazardous and should be avoided.
  • Flick the Switch – If you’re in need of a well-°©‐earned break, be sure to turn your trimmer off before
    leaving it unattended. When changing your trimming line, always wait until all rotations have completely stopped before putting your hands near
    the end of the trimmer.
  • Good as New – Keep your line trimmer in tip top condition by giving it a thorough clean before you put it away.
    Returning it to the shed spick and span after each and every use will prolong your trimmer’s life expectancy and ensure it is ready to go when
    needed next.

For more information on these tips or to see Rover’s extensive range of line trimmers, head to www.rover.com.au

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